Vintage Engagement Rings – Pawn Stores And Antique Shops?

Vintage engagement rings top the list of many brides to be hopefuls. If you aren’t lucky enough to have something passed down through your family, finding a vintage ring can be tricky. With their growing popularity, however, vintage engagement rings can now be found in a variety of places including pawn stores and antique shops.

Pawn Stars?

Vintage engagement rings may be the stars of today’s pawn shops. Made popular by shows like the History Channels, Pawn Stars, these stores are known for having hidden gems at bargain prices.

Shopping at a pawn store can be intimidating though. The owner of the shop may or may not know about jewelry and could give misinformation.

Before you shop pawn stores, purchase a jewelers magnifying glass, called a loupe, and practice using it. This will help you see the details of the ring including any inclusions inside the diamond that may not be obvious to the naked eye.

Vintage Values

Antique shops are a great place to look for vintage engagement rings. A popular category in antique stores, dealers often carry a nice selection of vintage rings from a range of eras and time periods.

Antique dealers are more likely than pawn shop owners to know about antique jewelry and can provide more detailed information about age, quality and style.

Another reason antique stores are a great place to shop is that an antique dealer is likely to invest in important repairs, having any needed restoration done prior to the sale.

An antique dealer can also recommend local jewelers who specialize in antique jewelry to make additional repairs, finger size changes or other restoration work. Many antique shops supply appraisals with the sale of vintage engagement rings so that the buyer can have a record of the purchase details and a document to obtain insurance to protect against loss or theft.

Drive a Hard Bargain

Remember how many vintage engagement rings end up in pawn stores. Owners, often desperate for money, turn over prized possessions for quick cash. This means that many of these rings are had by pawn store owners for a mere fraction of their actual worth. Antique shop owners are also scrupulous in their purchases, combing estate sales, yard sales and auctions for rock bottom deals.

If you find something you like, negotiate the price with the dealer who is often willing to make a deal. The reasons to negotiate a price go beyond saving money.

Vintage engagement rings almost always require an initial investment for restoration. Metal becomes worn away from the diamonds, gemstones, and band of the ring and need to be rebuilt in order to last another lifetime.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

The best way to avoid getting ripped off is to do your homework. Before you shop, research vintage engagement rings including styles, diamond qualities and prices. Also, investigate pawn shops and antique stores before you make your final purchase.

Go into the store and look around, see what kind of service you get. Making a smaller purchase first can give you a good idea of what to expect and window into the store’s policies.

Pawn stores and antique shops may be the best place to look for great prices on vintage engagement rings. Take your time and shop carefully so you’ll be happy with your purchase in the long run.

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