Vintage Engagement Rings – Heirloom Engagement Rings

You want one because of what vintage engagement rings says to you, to your intended, and to your commitment to one another. Heirloom engagement rings carry with them the power of years and memories, and chances are it will be a singular engagement ring; truly an extraordinary piece of jewelry.

Designs, styles and gems from yesteryear are always a source of fascination, and sometimes awe; depending on the heirloom. Perhaps it belonged to your lovely grandmother, or maybe it was your Mom’s, whoever the previous owner was, vintage engagement rings bears tradition, and that is a tradition you want to pass on to your fiancée and the relationship you look forward to build with her. She’s one of a kind, her ring should be too.

The Girl, The Ring, And The Family

The value of vintage engagement rings above and beyond economic considerations is crucial, you are giving not only a promise of constancy, but a promise tempered by years of dependability preceding it; indeed, a symbol of longevity.

Heirlooms traditionally harken to the creed that no heirloom is allowed to move from the immediate family unchallenged, therefore, giving the girl the ring makes her feel like a part of the family. Heirlooms are traditionally passed from generation to generation. There is no better way to make your intended feel like one of the family then to pass the family jewels on to her.

Now What?

Heirloom engagement rings, like any other heirloom, need to be treated with a high level of detail and caution  not typically tendered to other pieces of jewelry.

First and foremost the ring should be cleaned, both the gem and the base metal. Years or centuries of accumulated dust and grime can affect the luster of the base or band material, as well as affecting the glow of the diamond. This is a job best left to a jeweler.

While the ring is at the jewelers for cleaning, all mounts and settings should be checked to make sure they are holding and are capable of doing that through renewed daily use. You will almost certainly have to re-size the ring, but that is an easy process. At the risk of sounding crass it is best if you have the ring evaluated at the same time.

Honor Her AND Her Ego!

Like most women, your intended wants to feel special, and special in a way that no ordinary ring design and gem cut can impart. Did you expect anything else? You know what she means to you, so why not bind that uniqueness of feeling with a vintage engagement ring? She’ll love the gesture.

It’s A Legacy Thing

So your family doesn’t possess vintage engagement rings, or they did, but your sister got it first? Start a legacy and tradition of your own. Jewelers that specialize in designing jewelry based on antique designs, cuts and styles, are as far away as a point and click.

Jewelers will provide templates, designs and suggestions.  Perhaps by building your own vintage engagement rings you can encompass not just your ideas and desires, but hers also. While it may not carry hundreds of years of family heritage with it, it means you are ready to create your own legacy together. Besides all of that, vintage jewelry is incredibly high-style these days.

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