Unique Engagement Rings – Where To Design It?

Jewelers that allow clients to design their own unique engagement rings abound, it has become very popular for couples to design their rings, jewelers respond to that positively. After all, making money hinges on providing the customer with what they want.

Unique engagement rings are quickly becoming an industry standard, so there are plenty of jewelers who will provide the client with the option. It is a process of learning and selection, prepare to be patient and thorough.

Lock And Load With Knowledge First!

Before embarking on your quest to design unique engagement rings, do your research. Understand what constitutes quality in a diamond, or the diamond’s setting, and what to be looking for in a jeweler that provides those items. Most diamonds have a GIA certification, and a guarantee, or warranty. Make sure your jeweler offers those.  There is an enormous amount of info on the internet about diamonds, read up!

And Now, More Homework!

Verify that the jeweler you are interested in using when you go for unique engagement rings meets some basic criteria:

  • Do they have a refund or return policy? Always ask this before you buy.
  • Are they helpful and patient throughout the design process?
  • Are they giving valid and coherent design tips and ideas?
  • Have they requested a non-refundable deposit?
  • Will they give you any certification as to the quality and authenticity of the stone upon purchase?
  • Will they allow you to see the GIA certification(s) on any diamonds you are looking at?

Do just a bit more leg, or finger work. It’s as simple as going to a search engine, and typing in the name of your prospective jeweler, followed by the word “complaints”. Provide geographic information on the jeweler that helps to bring up more focused search results. Be aware that there may be other jewelers in the US with the same name; again, exact location of the jeweler is helpful.

The Three B’s, An Excellent Reputation Resource

Another good method for checking on a jewelers’ reputation is by going to the better business bureau. Again, results are filtered geographically primarily, so know locations. If there is a complaint against the jeweler, read through and see how they handled the complaint.

FAIR WARNING: Keep It Stateside, People!

Beware of jewelers who will not, or cannot give you specifics as to location. If they are headquartered in China, (they most likely will not tell you) your chances of getting a refund or re-imbursement, in case of a disaster, are slim to none.

Price As Proof

Although a deeply discounted diamond may seem alluring, it is rarely a good idea. There is a multitude of ways that diamonds are treated, or primped in order to get them to look better, but alas, they are not as high a quality of stone as an untreated diamond. Be cautious around deeply discounted gemstones, and ask intelligent questions as to why they are so inexpensive.

Coat Please!

In the end, the most important component of guaranteeing your satisfaction in the process of designing your unique engagement rings is you. Take your time, come armed with knowledge, research your potential jewelers and, don’t be rushed. And that’s a wrap!

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