Unique Engagement Rings – Infinity Rings Last Forever

The infinity symbol is used in unique engagement rings to symbolize eternal love. The symbol for infinity looks like the number 8 lying on its side.

Used primarily in mathematics, the symbol was introduced in 1655 by John Wallis. Today, the symbol is used in more than just mathematical theories; it is incorporated into all kinds of design including jewelry design.

Round And Round

Engagement rings have been around since ancient Greece. The ring is in the shape of a circle which represents eternity. In Japanese culture, the circle is deeply rooted to the concept of Zen, symbolizing absolute enlightenment.

Because it has no beginning and no end, the circle is the perfect symbol for love and marriage. When joined together, the couple becomes one. In a similar fashion, the eternity symbol has no beginning and no end.

To Infinity And Beyond

There are a number of unique engagement rings available by top jewelry designers that feature the infinity motif. Tiffany & Co. sells a beautiful, simple infinity ring available in silver, gold or platinum. Other designers including Mark Schneider and Blue Nile feature infinity collections.

Inspired Design

While most infinity designs feature the symbol in its pure form, there are many unique engagement rings that have interpreted this age old design in a new way.

One way to set your ring apart from the others while maintaining the symbology is to use two pear shaped stones and set them across the finger with the points touching.

This will create a figure-eight or bow shape that evokes the infinity symbol. Wrapping the stones in a bezel setting will enhance the outline and make it more obvious.

Another variation used in unique engagement rings is a double infinity or an infinity twist. In the double infinity, two infinity symbols are intertwined.

This forms a beautiful looking knot and represents each person in the relationship and the joining of their lives together. An infinity twist creates a design with three openings instead of two. This is commonly used for engagement rings where there is a diamond set in the center of the design.

Celtic Tradition

The infinity symbol is often used in unique engagement rings with celtic designs. Celtic jewelry often features knots that have no beginning and no end and represent the intertwining of relationships.

Celtic designed infinity rings may not represent the true mathematical infinity form, but they are still strong symbols of eternal love.

Unusual Designs

One of the most unique engagement rings was from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria. This ring featured a serpent with his tail in his mouth, forming a continuous circle and symbolizing love eternal. Modern couples may find this design appalling, but in the Victorian era, this was a deeply romantic gesture.

Shopping for unique engagement rings can be a challenge. Once you’ve narrowed your selection to a design like the infinity ring, you can search online to find available sellers.

Infinity rings are very popular right now and many jewelry designers have added them to their collections. You can find unique engagement rings to fit in any budget, controlling the price by your metal and stone choices.

For inexpensive rings, select sterling silver with cubic zirconia or no stones at all. If money is no object, platinum is an ideal metal for an engagement ring and can be easily accented with diamonds and colored gemstones.

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