Unique Engagement Rings – Engrave Your Personality

No two relationships are alike, and no two engagement rings should be the same, so take it to the next level with unique engagement rings engraved with something so original that they sparkle inside and out.

Think of the engagement ring as a blank canvas to display a personalized token of your love. Be creative in the inscription – I guarantee it will never end up in a pawn shop or on Craigslist.

Modern engraving methods, including computer vectors and lasers, allow freedom and inspiration for these unique engagement rings. Engraving isn’t confined to plain ol’ letters and numbers anymore, my friend. You can even engrave patterns, designs and images!

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Engraving is the oldest declaration of love there is. After all, what did prehistoric man do as soon as he discovered woman? He likely ran home and engraved a wall-drawing to commemorate the occasion.

Technically, inscribing unique engagement rings is called hand engraving; moreover, a skilled jeweler using a burin to etch the message into the metal is still the classiest method. But craftsmen are hard to find nowadays, and their time is not cheap.

Instead, most jewelers use engraving machines which can print on curved surfaces and produce unique engagement rings in less than 10 minutes. The most common method is vector engraving, which works like a key-cutting machine and follows a pattern. Since the 1960s, diamond-tipped cutting heads have been the norm.

Laser engraving is the latest method, where pre-programmed lasers etch your design into the metal without even touching it.  You can design your own script on a computer, including patterns and symbols.  As you can imagine, laser engraving is essential for a foreign language inscription, or for special characters.

A Word About Love

The traditional engagement inscription, a simple name or date, is the blandest of choices. Instead, try a single inspirational word like Always, Forever, or Destiny. For a more romantic touch, consider using one of the romance languages.

Try Je T’aime in French, Ti Amo in Italian or Ta Gra Agam Ort in Gaelic, for example.

You can even get cute and include your betrothed’s nickname. The names Shmoopy or Flufflefoot may not mean anything to anyone but your fiancée and you, but they’re the ultimate personalization for unique engagement rings; she will get a kick out of seeing her pet name inscribed in metal.

Something Funny Going On Here

There’s nothing wrong with letting your sense of humor loose. Here’s a list of examples that people have asked jewelers to engrave inside their unique engagement rings:

  • Hello, Baay-bay
  • Mini-handcuff
  • Gruesome Twosome
  • Partners in Crime
  • Romantic Message
  • Re-doink-ulus
  • Love Bandit
  • Winning

She Loves You – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

With today’s reasonable engraving rates, it’s practical to include a longer phrase or saying. These typically are favorite quotes, lines from movies, or even song titles. Remember, if a couple adopts a popular tune as “our song,” they will never change it.

One word of warning; make sure your choice of song lyric will be a lasting one. By all means quote the Beatles or songwriter Paul Williams. “We’ve Only Just Begun” is a wonderful sentiment for an engagement ring. On the other hand, if your favorite group is Millie Vanille don’t look to them for inspiration

Are You Starting To See A Pattern?

The advent of laser engraving brought us the ability to engrave very precise images. It’s possible to have a laser-etched miniature picture engraved onto a ring, but a beautiful engraving should be appreciated with the naked eye, not a jeweler’s loupe.

A better use of lasers is to engrave patterns or symbols, such as a Celtic-themed design, or religious symbols like a simple cross or Star of David

The only limit is your imagination. With modern technology, you can engrave just about anything you want on unique engagement rings – anything except 24 Karat Gold.

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