Unique Engagement Rings – Can You Smell Flower Engagement Rings

Floral motifs are often incorporated into unique engagement rings. Jewelry designers are heavily inspired by the delicate petals, soft lines and tiny details of flowers. And when used in custom designs, flowers can spell out secret messages of love. Whatever your style, floral designs can really set your ring apart from everyone else’s.

The Language of Flowers

The language of flowers dates back centuries. Men and women have used flowers to send secret messages to one another. The Rose is an obvious symbol of love, but you may be surprised to know that the Tulip is not just a symbol, but a declaration of love.

Unique engagement rings could incorporate several different flowers to symbolize a couple’s romance. For example, the Lilac represents the first emotions of love, as it is a symbol of spring. The Forget-me-not is a symbol of faithful love and the Zinnia a symbol of lasting affection. These three flowers can be combined into a one-of-a-kind design to chronicle the love between two people.

Design Trends

Take a look at any fashion magazine and you can see how much designers draw from nature, specifically flowers for their designs. In jewelry many unique engagement rings by top name designers have a floral motif. Some designs feature floral patterns engraved or carved into metal. Other rings feature a petal like arrangement of tiny diamonds surrounding a larger diamond in the center.

French designer, Van Cleef & Arpels, has a line of unique engagement rings that look like flowers. Called between-the-finger-rings, these organic designs wrap around one or two fingers for an unusual look.

Tulip Setting

In the language of flowers, the tulip is a declaration of love. In jewelry, the tulip is more often a type of setting used to secure diamonds and gemstones in unique engagement rings. Like the flower, the tulip setting sits up high, with long, gently curving sides.

There are several variations of the tulip setting, but most often, the prongs are shaped like the petals of a tulip, coming to a delicate point at the top that gracefully wraps over the side of the diamond or gemstone. A tulip setting can be plain metal or it can be accented with tiny diamonds and gemstones.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Rose gold is an up-and-coming metal choice for unique engagement rings. Like rose, this gold has a delicate pink or reddish hue. It is an ideal choice for floral inspired rings and looks great on practically every skin tone.

Depending on exactly what you are looking for, unique engagement rings in a floral motif can be found with a little searching. If you’re after designer rings, you will want to search online or visit local stores and boutiques. Antique shops may carry vintage designs that are truly unique. Custom designed rings are one-of-a-kind and will need to be hand crafted by a jeweler. If you are designing your own ring, you can have total control over the price, choosing your own metal and stones to fit in your budget.

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