Unique Engagement Rings – Artistic Engagement Rings And Styles

The most unique engagement rings are custom designed. Custom designed rings require a lot of effort and planning, but the end result is worth the time spent. Coming up with an idea can be the biggest challenge. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Flora And Fauna

Coming up with inspiration for unique engagement rings is as easy as taking a look around you. Plants, flowers and animals can be incorporated into an engagement ring design for a unique look and deeper meaning.

Flowers have unique symbolism. The forget-me-not, for example, symbolizes true love. Snakes may seem like an unlikely motif for a token of love, but some of the most unique engagement rings have featured serpents.

Queen Victoria wore an engagement ring from Prince Albert that was a snake with an emerald set in the head. The snake is a symbol of eternal love and emerald was Queen Victoria’s birthstone.

A Sea Tale

Sea themed jewelry is very popular. Some very unique engagement rings feature creatures from the deep.

Many women love dolphin themes and they are very popular in custom jewelry designs. The dolphin represents grace; it is a very feminine creature with gentle curves. One or multiple dolphins can be incorporated into a design nestled around a diamond or gemstone.

The mythical mermaid is another unique theme for an engagement ring. Another feminine archetype often associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, love and desire.

Bugging Out

Insects give many people the creeps. But throughout history, unique engagement rings have featured insects because of their beautiful detail and hidden meaning.

During the Art Nouveau period, dragonflies were particularly popular, especially in jewelry. These graceful winged creatures are perfect for embellishments and fine details.

Butterflies and bumble bees are also popular insects, similar to the dragonfly. Grasshoppers are used much less often, but are perfect for engagement rings.

In Japanese tradition, the grasshopper is a symbol of good luck and for Chinese cultures, the grasshopper represents fertility.

Give Her the Moon & Stars

Celestial designs can be incorporated into unique engagement rings. These designs can either be literal or abstract, for example, tiny diamonds can represent stars or the ring can actually have engraved star shapes.

For a moon, you can use a moonstone, a milky gemstone that has a heavenly glow. Using yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires or other yellow gemstones can represent the sunshine.

Many people believe in astrology. Incorporating the bride and grooms zodiac symbols is a unique idea, showing the union of two individuals.

Now that you have some ideas for unique engagement rings, the next step is finding a jeweler. Your best bet is to find a local jeweler or jewelry designer.

Ask to see a portfolio or examples of other designs they have created. If you have artistic talent, make your own sketch. If not, provide your jeweler with a good description so that they can put your ideas on paper.

The cost of unique engagement rings can vary greatly depending on what material you choose. Sterling silver is a low cost option while gold and platinum require a more significant investment.

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