Princess Cut Engagement Rings: An Elegant Look For Any Engagement

One of the best ways to find the best engagement ring for you is to narrow down the engagement ring styles by the way the stone is cut and set.  Some of the most elegant and beautiful choices from around the world are princess cut engagement rings.  This sparkling style of stone will look good on any hand, and creates the perfect ring for your perfect proposal.

The History Of The Princess Cut

Though a princess cut diamond has an air of timeless elegance, the style itself is relatively new.  Based on the Barion cut, the princess cut is used with square or rectangular stones to ensure the best amount of brilliance and sparkle; however, since the Barion cut was under patent, jewelers had to work around its limitations.

The cut was revolutionized in London in the 1960s and has quickly grown in popularity.  Princess cut engagement rings are now one of the leaders in desirability, second only to the traditional round brilliant cut.

What Determines A Princess Cut?

There are several different ways you can tell princess cut engagement rings from the other cuts on the market.

While all of the stones available in engagement rings have a beautiful sparkle when on the hand, a princess cut stone has a particular brilliance.  This is due to the way the ring is cut by the jeweler, in both shape and faceting.

Unlike a round brilliant, which is cut in a round shape, a princess cut stone is designed in a perfect square.  The next step in spotting princess cut stone is the number of facets, which create the stone’s brilliance and sparkle.  Princess cut engagement rings have 58 different cuts in each stone, letting more light enter and refract through the stone.

The best way to determine whether a diamond has been cut in princess style is its brilliance.  A princess cut diamond will accentuate the stone’s fire and brilliance, instead of its luster alone.

What Gemstones Are Princess Cut?

While you can find princess cut engagement rings in any gemstone, they are ideally found in clear, colorless stones.  While diamonds are the most traditional, you can also find elegant colorless princess cut stones in Moissanite and cubic zirconia.

The reason a colorless stone is ideal for the princess cut ring is that it best allows the fire of the cut to shine through; however, you can find stunning engagement rings with princess cut solitaires or sets in brilliant, sparking colored stones, as well.

Budgeting For Princess Cut Engagement Rings

As with all big purchases, you should set your budget before you go shopping for princess cut engagement rings.  While they are less expensive than traditional round brilliant rings, due to the cut keeping more of the rough stone intact, princess cut stones are by no means inexpensive.  Before you start shopping, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

How much do you want to spend?  Making a budget and sticking with it is key when shopping for any type of engagement ring.  Don’t give into pressure from sales people, who may attempt to get you to spend more than you can afford on a bigger ring. Sometimes, cheap engagement rings can work better than expensive ones! For instance, if you opt for moissanite engagement rings, you will get all the characteristics of diamonds without the hefty price tag. Cubic Zirconia engagement rings won’t last forever, but they can work as a place holder until you have the money for an expensive diamond ring. The possibilities are endless.

Do you want to buy the stone loose, or set into a band?  While you can find many engagement rings with beautiful princess cut stones already set, you can also buy the stone loose.  This will allow you to work with a jeweler to create a beautiful, unique ring for the one you love.

Are you entranced by a particular setting for the diamond?  As they are perfectly square-shaped, princess cut engagement rings – especially solitaire stones – are absolutely lovely when set in a four prong setting; however, other engagement ring settings work equally well.

How The Four C’s Affect A Princess Cut

Like all diamonds, princess cut engagement rings are rated by the four C’s.  These four classifications – carat, clarity, color and cut – help determine the quality of the stone, and with that, the price.

Carat: Princess cut diamonds tend to have a higher carat weight for a slightly lower price.  This is because more of the rough stone is kept when the diamond is faceted.

Clarity: The way the diamond is cut actually helps the clarity of princess cut engagement rings, as the facets can hide small flaws and occlusions.

Color: Colorless stones give the princess cut its sparkle and brilliance.  This is why diamonds are perfect for princess cut engagement rings.

Cut: The princess cut is based on the traditional round brilliant cut, but with four precise edges and corners.

One thing to be wary of when choosing your diamond is the way it is rated.  There is not a single grading standard across the cutting industry to properly label princess cut diamonds, so be sure to take care when shopping around to ensure that you are not deceived by unscrupulous sellers.

Designing Princess Cut Engagement Rings

If you have decided to create your own unique engagement ring using a princess cut diamond, you will have an elegant, unique piece of jewelry to give to your loved one.  Princess cut engagement rings that have been designed by you have a special feel, as there will be no other person on the planet with the same ring on her hand.

You should take into account how the princess cut creates sparkle through the stone, since not all princess cuts will have the same look.  This is due to the raw stone; those with more flaws may require slight alterations in the faceting to ensure the diamond’s stability.  When searching for the perfect princess cut diamond, ask about its fire – the amount of colored light reflected throughout the stone – and its sparkle, more commonly known as brilliance.

Since princess cut diamonds are squares, rather than oval or round, you have to be very careful in choosing a setting.  One of the prettiest settings on princess cut engagement rings is the four prong setting.  This holds the stone up to allow light to access every angle while keeping it firmly secured in place at each corner.  It can also protect princess cut engagement rings from cracking at the corners.  Other settings that work well with princess cut stones are the trellis, the martini, and the cathedral.

Prepare Your Proposal

Once you have the ring in hand, you are ready to propose.  Choosing princess cut engagement rings is a great way to show your loved one that you care.   It doesn’t matter if your bride-to-be is traditional or trendy; having a beautiful ring on her hand will make her feel like a million dollars.