Princess Cut Engagement Rings – Princess Cut Solitaire

When it comes to princess cut engagement rings, some believe that less is more. The princess cut solitaire is very popular because its simplicity shows off the precision and beauty of the square brilliant cut.

One Up Her

The diamond solitaire has been loved for generations, but was made popular by Tiffany’s with their famous “Tiffany setting”. The classic design features a simple band with a single diamond in the center, set in an elevated prong mounting.

The style is perfect for princess cut engagement rings. The princess cut solitaire will feature four prongs protecting the diamond; usually they are V shaped to keep corners from breaking.

Bang for the Buck

Princess cut engagement rings are great for the guy who wants to put his money into the biggest, most high quality diamond possible. The ring mounting can eat up a significant portion of the budget, so sticking with a solitaire is a smart way to save money. The money that would have otherwise gone to the mounting can instead go towards a larger diamond, better clarity or color, or towards the purchase of wedding bands.

Fit For A Queen

Princess cut engagement rings are perfect for just about any woman. This simple, classic design goes with any outfit and can be paired with any wedding band to either dress it up or play it down.

Because princess cut engagement rings have the center stone elevated, the ring should be worn with caution and should not be worn when performing manual labor such as construction work or landscaping. Be careful when wearing any jewelry to the gym, but especially rings as they can become damaged during certain activities.

Matching Bands

Finding a wedding band to go with solitaire princess cut engagement rings is easy. For a classic look, choose a band that is one and a half times the width of the solitaire mounting. For the bride who loves sparkle, set one diamond wedding band on either side of the engagement ring.

Transform a solitaire with a wrap or guard ring that wraps around the engagement ring. Princess cut engagement rings look best with triangular shaped or princess cut diamond accents.

Be Bold

Think outside the box when shopping princess cut engagement rings. Just because you’ve chosen a solitaire doesn’t mean the ring has to be boring. A colored princess cut diamonds can really make your engagement ring standout. Another unique variation is to set your diamond in rose gold setting rather than the classic white or yellow gold.

To be really bold, set your princess cut diamond at an angle with the corners pointing towards north, east, south and west.

Price Check

Princess cut engagement rings range in price from affordable to expensive and everywhere in between. A solitaire mounting in 14kt white gold is usually less than $500. A princess cut diamond will range in price depending on the size and quality. A one carat princess cut diamond of moderate quality generally costs around $5,000.

Home Run

Solitaire princess cut engagement rings are perfect for practically anyone. They are an ideal choice because they can be made to fit any budget or lifestyle. Princess cut diamonds are extremely brilliant. Because they are so popular, they increase in value each year.

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