Princess Cut Engagement Rings – 3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings are one of the most requested cuts among brides, second only to the round brilliant cut.

There are so many styles to choose from, the three stone princess cut engagement ring is sure to be a hit. With a classic look and unique symbolism, this style will be cherished for generations.

Past, Present, Future

Three stone princess cut engagement rings can represent a couple’s relationship. The three stone ring was introduced by DeBeers to symbolize the past, present, and future.

But the three stone design is not exclusive to the DeBeers brand. The trinity is one of the earliest themes, present in religious and nature. The three diamonds can also represent the family that the couple hopes for.

Perfect Proportions

The ideal proportions for three stone princess cut engagement rings vary from person to person. Traditionally, a three stone design has a ratio of about 70%. For example, a 3/4ct (5.0mm) center stone would be set with a 1/4ct (3.5mm) on each side.

Changing the proportions will change the look of the ring dramatically. If you choose diamonds closer in size, then you create more of a band look without drawing attention to the center stone, rather the overall sparkle of the ring. Smaller side diamonds will make the center diamond look larger by comparison.

Set It Off

Most princess cut engagement rings are set in prong settings. No matter what type of mounting you choose, be sure the setting protects the fragile corners of the princess cut diamond. For a prong setting, you can accomplish this by choosing V shaped prongs.

Another great choice for princess cut engagement rings is a bezel setting. In this style, the metal wraps around the perimeter of the diamond. A partial bezel is a similar setting, as the name indicates, it partially wraps around the diamond.

Matching Band

Choosing a band to match your ring is an important decision. Three stone princess cut engagement rings can be somewhat difficult to pair with a wedding band. If you’ve chosen diamonds that are similar in size then you will have a fairly straight edge that will align easily with most bands. However, if you’ve chosen diamonds that are significantly different in size, you may need to have a contoured or custom made wedding band to match.

Outside the Box

Three stone princess cut engagement rings don’t have to be boring. There are a number of ways to make your ring special. One way is to use colored stones or colored diamonds.

The most popular way to incorporated colored gemstones in a three stone design is to have a diamond center with colored stones on the side. In the case you go with a colored stone center, choose a diamond or sapphire since they are extremely durable and won’t be susceptible to breaking or chipping.

Most three stone designs are set with the diamonds across the finger in a straight line. Mix it up by setting the stones vertically or in a scattered or freeform pattern.

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