Princess Cut Engagement Rings – 2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Princess cut engagement rings are a favorite among brides to be. Shopping for this popular style is easy but narrowing the selection can be a challenge. One of the biggest decisions, of course is size. One carat has traditionally been the “standard” but to send her over the moon, go for two.

Bigger Is Better

We all know the saying, bigger is better. When it comes to princess cut engagement rings, it couldn’t be truer. No one will wonder if she’s engaged or not with such bling. Larger diamonds are rarer and tend to increase in value better than smaller diamonds.

Princess cut engagement rings with two carat diamonds aren’t particularly difficult to find, most jewelers have a good variety in stock or are happy to bring stones in for you to see.

Dollars And Sense

When shopping for princess cut engagement rings, it is important to first look at your finances and set a budget. Only you can decide what you can afford. Many jewelers will offer financing. Be sure to read the fine print so you don’t end up with a high interest rate after the attractive no interest offer expires.

An average quality two carat princess cut diamond, for example H color SI2 clarity, will cost between $10,000 and $13,000 depending on the quality of the cut and where you make your purchase. By contrast, a round diamond of the same quality will cost between $16,000 and $20,000.

Price Explained

The price of diamonds can be confusing. Why would a princess cut diamond cost so much less than a round diamond? There are a number of reasons, in the end, princess cut diamond engagement rings are a great value because you get an exceptional diamond at a great price.

The primary reason that round diamonds cost more than princess cut diamonds is because there is a higher demand. While princess cut engagement rings are the second most requested style, round diamonds are still overwhelmingly more popular.

Another reason that round diamonds cost more is that more of the diamond’s rough, the original crystal, is lost in cutting. A princess cut diamond can be cut to retain all but 20% of its rough size. A round diamond, however, will lose 50% or more of its original size.

Finding A Bargain

Everyone wants a bargain. But how do you find a great deal on two carat princess cut engagement rings? First, shop around and do your homework. If you want a great deal, you need to do lots of research and visit many different stores.

Most of the best deals can be found online at stores like Blue Nile. Since these retailers don’t have the same overhead as a brick and mortar jewelry store, they can charge lower prices. Buying from a local jeweler, though, gives you some guarantee that if something should happen, you have a place to go for repairs and service.

Secrets Of The Trade

One secret to finding a great bargain on princess cut engagement rings that jewelers don’t want you to know is to play the numbers. There are many factors that go into a diamonds price, one of them is carat weight. A two carat princess cut diamond is a highly sought after size, something of a “magic number”.

For a great deal, choose something just under two carats like 1.95cts. Visually, you won’t notice a difference and since you aren’t officially at two carats, you can enjoy a significant price savings.

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