Pear Shaped Engagement Rings – The Best Settings

Pear shaped engagement rings come in so many different styles. With pear shaped diamonds costing quite a bit less than round diamonds, it’s worth taking a look.

But can it work well with both modern and vintage designs? Which settings can give these teardrop beauties the best advantage?

Solitaire Pear

The simplest design for pear shaped engagement rings is the solitaire mounting. It doesn’t have to be boring, though, you can dress up a pear solitaire ring with a two-tone mounting. Consider rose and white gold if you want something feminine or antique inspired.

If you’re more of a modernist, set the diamonds off center so that it is either sideways or at an angle. Pear shaped engagement rings that are bezel set are also very modern and industrial looking. As a bonus, they’re very well protected. With 360-degree protection, you won’t have to worry about breaks or chips on the delicate point.

Floral Inspired

Pear shaped engagement rings look great in floral designs. Either with a simple embellishment on the center setting or an elaborate ring mounting, pear shaped diamonds evoke a floral motif.

The tear drop shape can also be used as an accent in pear shaped engagement rings where it becomes a petal or leaf, turning the diamond into a functional part of the design.

Art Deco

Pear shaped engagement rings were popular during the Art Deco era. Look for a true vintage circa 1930 or search out a modern day replica. Styles from this time period varied, but often used diamond baguettes as accents for the center stone.

A simple design for pear shaped engagement rings is to set the pear shaped diamond in the center with one diamond baguette on each side. Elizabeth Taylor wore her 69-carat pear shaped diamond this way.

Prince Albert of Monaco gifted his now wife Princess Charlene with an Art Deco inspired pear shaped diamond. Her ring features the pear shaped diamond in the center surrounded by tiny round diamonds set in the pave fashion.

A Pair of Pears

Some of the more unusual pear shaped engagement rings actually feature two pear shaped stones. Think of a ying-yang design when imagining how this looks.

For a striking contrast, go with a white diamond and another colored diamond or gemstone. A black diamond would make for an amazing contrast, but a blue sapphire or a yellow diamond would be just as interesting.

This design can be hard to pull off. If you haven’t found an actual vintage ring of this design, elicit the help of a skilled custom jeweler who can walk you through the process of designing pear shaped engagement rings.

Are You In or Out

The most common question for pear shaped engagement rings is which way to wear it? There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way; it mainly has to do with your personal preference.

One consideration would be the size of the diamond. If it is super huge, you might want the point facing in so that it doesn’t become a weapon.

Another thought is what type of work you do and what your daily habits are. Wearing the point facing towards you will protect pear shaped engagement rings and save you from costly repairs in the future.

Pear shaped engagement rings that are worn with the point facing outwards, though, have an elongating effect on the finger.

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