Pear Shaped Engagement Rings – Tear Drop Beauty

Pear shaped engagement rings have a subtle feminine beauty. The pear shape, or tear drop shape has many meanings throughout the world. Discovering them can be both fascinating and romantic.

Natures Perfect Shape

The pear shape is found throughout nature. Obviously, its namesake, the pear fruit is in this classic shape. Pear shaped engagement rings feature a diamond that is wide and rounded on one end, tapering to a point at the other end. Diamond cutters compare pear shaped diamonds to a cross between an oval and a marquise, having half the outline of each.

As drops of water fall, they form this delicate shape. The weight of gravity pulls the droplet towards to earth as the water instinctively holds on to its current surface.

Many leaves are pear shaped as well, as are flower petals. The classic outline of pear shaped engagement rings can be seen all over if only you stop and take a look.

The Feminine Form

Before the “pear shape” was ever mentioned in Cosmopolitan magazine, this delicate outline has been used as a symbol for the female body. The term pear shaped has been used since at least the early 1800s. The wide bottom of the pear symbolizes the hips of a woman and a pear shape is thought to be a sign of fertility.

Pear shaped engagement rings carry this feminine quality. They are often created in a delicate style to enhance the gentle curves of the diamond’s shape.

While pear shaped today can be somewhat of a negative connotation, there is a greater appreciate for a woman’s natural form, embracing the sensual curves of the pear shape.

Legendary Shape

Many people think that pear shaped engagement rings have no meaning other than being the way the diamond is cut. On the contrary, the pear shape and the fruit of the pear tree have been prized throughout history.

In the 9th century BC, Homer mentions the pear in his poem, The Odyssey. The pear was one of the “gifts of the gods”. Pliny gives plenty of reference to the pear fruit in Natural History, calling it Superba, or proud, because the small fruit is first to ripen.

In modern day Spain, there is an expression Esto es la pera, meaning this is the pear used to reference a wonderful or joyous occasion.

Famous Owners

Pear shaped engagement rings are particularly popular among royals and celebrities. One of the most famous pear shaped diamonds is the Taylor-Burton diamond, a 69-carat flawless beauty owned by the infamous Elizabeth Taylor.

While some would argue that 69-carats is too big for pear shaped engagement rings, Taylor disagreed. She wore the ring often, which was set in a simple setting with a diamond baguette on each side.

Modern day pear shaped engagement rings resemble more closely the ring that Prince Albert of Monaco chose for his swimming champion wife, Charlene Wittstock

What A Girl Wants

Pear shaped engagement rings are perfect for the woman who has feminine features and charm. If she appreciates the beauty nature holds and ancient symbolism, surely, she will form a connection to a pear shaped diamond.

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