Pear Shaped Engagement Rings – Antique Finesse

Pear shaped engagement rings have been around for a long time. They were popular during the Renaissance and have made a comeback in recent decades thanks to some red carpet attention.

Cutting Diary

Prior to the 1400s, diamonds were very crudely cut, a far cry from the pear shaped engagement rings of today. The diamonds were more or less left in their original form. In 1475, a stone cutter from Belgium introduced a revolutionary invention, the scaif. A scaif is a wheel used to cut and polish diamonds.

The stone cutter, Lodewyk van Berken also developed a pear shaped diamond called a briolette cut. Unlike today’s pear shaped engagement rings, the original pear shape lacked in brilliance because it was three-dimensional in form with few facets.

Famous Gems

Van Berken is credited with cutting the spectacular Sancy Diamond, a primitive pear shaped diamond weighting over 55 carats. Some might argue that 55 carats is too large for pear shaped engagement rings, but Elizabeth Taylor thought that might be a bit small.

The Taylor-Burton Diamond is massive, weighing over 69 carats. This incredible rock is the envy of all pear shaped engagement rings, though, it was a gift for Taylor’s 40th birthday from Richard Burton.

Through its life, the Taylor-Burton diamond was set in a necklace and later in a ring which Taylor wore with pride.

Fit For A Queen-To-Be

Pear shaped engagement rings are cherished by all kinds of people, but especially among the elite classes. Prince Albert of Monaco gave his now wife, Princess Charlene a 3-carat pear shaped diamond set in an antique inspired pave mounting.

The princess’ ring has inspired many pear shaped engagement ring look-a-likes. The classic style with vintage flair is a definite favorite among today’s bride-to-be hopefuls.

Elements Of Design

The pear shaped diamond is a variation of a brilliant cut; it is half oval shape and half marquise shape. Pear shaped engagement rings are not largely popular but are valued by a select few individuals who appreciate the feminine beauty and uniqueness of its design.

Pear shaped engagement rings do wonders to elongate the finger. The most common question about these rings is what is the proper way to wear them? Should the point face towards or away from the wearer?

There is no rule for how to wear pear shaped engagement rings, it is all about personal preference and what looks best on your hand. Elizabeth Taylor wore hers both way, but most often with the point facing out, while Princess Charlene of Monaco wears her with the point facing in.

Sun-Drop Diamond

One of the world’s most amazing pear shaped diamonds went for sale in October 2011. Put to auction by Sotheby’s, the Sun-Drop Diamond weighing 110.3 carats and vivid yellow color sold for a record $12.4 million.

This diamond may truly be too large for the likes of pear shaped engagement rings, but one can never be sure. The Sun-Drop diamond originated from South Africa and owes its fancy yellow color to nitrogen trapped inside the diamond.

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