Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles – Celebrity Rings And Hot Trends

Believe it or not, every year brings new fashion trends in engagement rings styles, and a new list of the latest designs.

It’s not like mainstream fashion, which ushers in new styles each year, and frowns upon last year’s models.   Seriously, where do you keep those Ugg boots that you drove all over town to find in 2007?

The evolution of jewelry fashion moves at a slower pace. After all, when you buy a diamond ring you expect to enjoy it for many years to come, not to quickly trade it in for a trendier design.

Still, we live in a world where “trending” is a minute-to-minute account of our fickle consumerism, so every year we see patterns of what’s hot in engagement rings.

Who Are You Wearing?

As usual, we look to celebrities for our fashion cues. Let’s see what the rich and famous are wearing on their fingers. For the past couple of years, emerald cut diamonds have been preferred by celebs –  in a big way.

Beyoncé’s five-million dollar engagement from Jay-Z is a blinding 18-carat emerald cut diamond on a platinum base.  The list of celebrities seen wearing large emerald-cut diamond engagement ring styles includes:

  • Mariah Carey
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Eva Longoria
  • Kate Hudson

Are You Green With Envy Yet ?

The most dramatic new look in engagement rings was fostered by Prince William when he gifted Kate with his mother’s gorgeous oval sapphire and diamond ring. Ever since, people have been clamoring for colored-stone engagement rings.

More than one trend-setting actress has brought color back to the ring finger. Yellow diamonds grace the engagement rings of Carrie Underwood, Rebecca Romijn, Heidi Klum and many others.

Here’s hoping you take inspiration from these celebrity engagement ring styles, and not from the stars themselves.  Sadly, many of these Hollywood power couples are no longer together.

Engagement Rings Have Come Full Circle

Many of the trendiest engagement ring styles available today showcase the high-profile solitaire diamond setting of yesteryear. In the past two decades, jewelers and consumers have shied away from these rings, with jutting edges and sharp corners, for fear of damaging them or snagging the prongs.

With today’s sturdier craftsmanship and stronger settings, the 3-D look is back. The latest engagement ring styles incorporate center stones which rise way above the smooth shanks.

Another old friend is back, too: rose gold. This lustrous alloy of yellow gold and copper has long been used in necklaces and bracelets. Now rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular with the twenty-something crowd.

Always in vogue are antique-style engagement rings, fashioned to look like jewelry from a bygone era. One of the most celebrated engagement rings, given to Katie Homes by hubby Tom Cruise, is a five-carat Edwardian-style oval cut solitaire diamond ring. The common denominator in many of the trendiest engagement ring styles is a liberal use of pave stones around main setting.

Diamonds On The Cutting Edge

Two new emerging trends in engagement ring styles are also on the horizon. The first, a nod to the politically-correct society we’ve built, are engagement rings made with conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold. The second, a new engagement ring for men, called a “management ring,” sounds like something we could all live without.

The most important factor in your choice of engagement ring styles is personal aesthetics. Make sure you really love how the ring looks on your finger, and you will never grow tired of looking at it.

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