Moissanite Engagement Rings VS Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

If you’re thinking about getting more stone for your money Moissanite engagement rings and Cubic Zirconia engagement rings have a lot to offer. While both are dazzling substitutes for diamonds, knowing a few differences can assist you in making the right choice for her.

Are They Birds Of A Feather?

Although both Moissanite engagement rings and Cubic Zirconia engagement rings have manmade stones, their qualities and characteristics differ vastly.

The Moissanite gem is more brilliant, has more fire, luster, hardness and toughness than the Zirconia, making it a superior stone in every facet but price.

Moissanite gems all come from one manufacturer, Charles and Covard, LTD, which controls the quality, price and quantity in the market place. Zirconia on the other hand is marketed by that name and several others, often times making it difficult to know the true quality of the stone you are getting.

Money Isn’t Everything

The main question you have to ask yourself when looking at Moissanite engagement rings and those with Zirconia stones, is how much quality do you want to sacrifice in the name of staying on a budget.

Moissanite gems have nearly all the same qualities of diamonds and in fact many times have more brilliance. They cost about 1/8 of what a similar size diamond cost and are extremely durable. Zirconia gems have less of the sought after qualities, including long term durability, and cost about 1/10 of a similar size diamond.

Perhaps a better way to look at it would be through percentages.

A Moissanite’s cost is about 12.5% of a similar diamond versus the Zirconia is about 10%. So for 2.5% more you can get a Moissanite stone with nearly the hardness and durability of a diamond, as much or more brilliance and an assured quality through the manufacturing process.

It doesn’t take long to realize even on a budget, it just cost a little more to go first class.

Match Maker, Match Maker

If Moissanite engagement rings are so much better, you might be asking yourself, why is the Zirconia so popular in the marketplace?

Well first of all the Zirconia came along in the seventies and has about a 20 year head start in the marketing department over the Moissanite that didn’t come to the market until the mid 1990’s.

Secondly, sometimes, price is just king.

Sadly to say, there are a lot of people who look at price and nothing else. They don’t take the time to go online or talk with jewelers about the differences in the two and in some cases end up buying less for more.

Just keep in mind that saving money is one thing, while giving up quality is something altogether different.

In the end if you are looking at a stone you want her to keep for the rest of your lives, Moissanite engagement rings are the right choice for the long term budget minded. However, if you need to do cheap now and want to buy something better to replace it down the road when you are more established, Cubic Zirconia engagement rings might be the better choice.

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