Moissanite Engagement Rings – Matching Stone and Bride

You have found out the value and are now considering Moissanite engagement rings, but you are not too sure she will like it.  What do you do?

No one wants to disappoint their bride-to-be or much less insult her, but with the right approach, she might just think you are a genius not a skinflint. 

Let’s Play Monopoly!

One of the things taking the luster off the diamond market today and increasing interest in Moissanite engagement rings is the knowledge of just how the diamond market has been manipulated.

In 1870 a man named Cecil Rhodes formed the company of DeBeers just for that purpose.   DeBeers was formed after the discovery of huge sums of diamonds in the mines of Africa.  The fear that too many stones on the market would erode the price, DeBeers was set up to control the amount of stones allowed into the market place and who would receive them.

The history of DeBeers and how they not only monopolized the supply of diamonds, but their marketing ploys to proliferate the sales are scary to say the least.   DeBeers is still manipulating the market today, but with their history readily available online, it’s easy to get a much clearer picture of why diamond prices are artificially high.

Blood Sport?

The publicity and even movies made about “blood diamonds” are starting to taint the diamond market as well.  There is truly no way you can tell if the diamonds you purchase on the market today are “blood free” or not.

Blood diamonds is the term usually associated with diamonds from African countries that are using the money to bankroll wars of ethnic cleansing and other barbaric acts upon the people of Africa.

Many people are moving away from diamond purchases because they don’t want to contribute to the coffers of such hideous and violent regimes.  This alone has many women considering Moissanite engagement rings that never would have given them a thought before.

Mine’s Bigger than Yours

One of the biggest reasons more and more women are accepting Moissanite engagement rings is the amount of stone you can get for the money.

With Moissanite stones costing an eighth of what an inflated price diamond sells for, you can buy 8 times more stone.   That could means you could purchase a full carat stone or maybe two carats for what an eight of quarter carat diamond would cost.

Moissanite stones are just as pretty, have more fiery brilliance, are nearly as hard and are considered to me tougher than diamonds.  Couple these fine traits with the fact that even jewelers have a hard time distinguishing between the two, then it makes you wonder “why not”?

Look Before You Leap

One of the best ways to solve your concern is to go and look at Moissanite engagement rings.

If you are satisfied they are the choice for you then consider discussing some of the social and economic issues that surround diamonds with your bride-to-be.

After you have discussed the issues, then talk about how much more stone you can get for the money allowing you to purchase a much more impressive ring.

If you want to surprise her with a ring or just don’t feel comfortable discussing these issues, then maybe, Moissanite engagement rings are not the right answer for you.  The most important thing you can do is get a ring that you feel confident will convey to her how you feel and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her.   In other words, never lose sight of why you’re getting her a ring in the first place!

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