Marquise Engagement Rings – Legend Of The Fall

If you want to treat your bride-to-be as royalty, then you might want to consider Marquise engagement rings. A traditional and classic ring of queens, steeped in legend, the Marquise cut offers a beauty, elegance and heritage like no other.

What’s In A Smile?

What could be more romantic in a diamond engagement ring, than a stone cut that was designed after a woman’s smile? Dating back to the early sixteen-hundreds, legend has it, that Frances Louis XIV king of France for over seventy years, commissioned an artist of his day to design a stone that resembled the smile of his mistress Marquise de Pompadour.

Supporting this legend, the shape of the Marquise cut stone, when placed on its sides with points at each end resemble the shape of a mouth, and its crowned top is supposed to give the sparkle of her smile.

Louis must have been pleased. The final result was a success and it was dubbed the Marquise (pronounced “markee”) after Louis XIV mistress and the name is still used today when describing this unique and distinctive diamond cut.

Slimmer With A Glimmer

The Marquise cut is one that is easily recognized by it shape. A slim cut with a point on either end, shaped similar to a football (probably not a good way to describe it to her). It is this very distinct cut that makes Marquise engagement rings one of the most prestigious and sparkling rings one can buy. Its long slender cut with a crown of 56 facets, gives it a depth perception and light catching ability to make this ring glimmer in almost any light.

Looks Like A Set Up

The slender, elongated shape and two pointed ends of the diamond in Marquise engagement rings is also a shape that needs a strong engagement ring setting to hold it in place. This is usually accomplished by using a minimum of a four prong setting (often six) or having the entire diamond mounted in a bezel (small metal casing around the stone).

Objects May Appear Larger…

Another interesting facet of Marquise engagement rings is their unique shape also tends to make the stone look much larger than it actually is. If you are interested in cheap engagement rings options, this can be translated into buying a less expensive stone that looks like a much bigger stone or buying the biggest stone you can afford and having it look even larger. Whatever the case, this alone makes Marquise cut stones offer a good value for your money.

Don’t Wear A Bowtie

As lovely as Marquise engagement rings can be, they are not without fault. At least some of them can be. One of the things you want to look for in a Marquise diamond is to make sure they don’t have the bowtie effect. This is when the diamond is cut at improper angles and causes a shadowing or “bowtie” look of the diamond with shadows on both sides of the oblong shape.

You will also want to look at the overall dimensions of a Marquise cut stone. The length of the stone should be approximately two times the width, to give it the proper balanced proportions that so elegantly define this cut.

Finally, when you select Marquise cut engagement rings, make sure your diamond is of the best clarity and color you can find. Because of the length of the final cut and the amount of light it lets in, the Marquise cut diamond will show flaws and cloudy color much more readily than complex multi-faceted round stones.

Thinner Is A Winner

One more very pleasant thing Marquise engagement rings have to offer is a tendency to make the bride-to-be’s hands look much thinner and longer. A Marquise cut stone, with its slim width to length ratio and tapering pointed ends, is like putting on a black dress. You may not be thinner, but it sure makes you look like you are.

Where Art Thou, Marquise?

Marquise engagement rings can be found at the usual places such as jewelers, jewelry stores, vintage jewelry stores, estate sales, pawn-shops and online.

The most practical way to locate what you want is by going online and finding dealers who have these unique engagement rings in stock or can get them for you. At least by going online, you don’t have to run all over town, stopping at places which don’t carry them – you can quickly find the address and phone numbers of possible sources and start your search from there.

Some Cherries Do Have Pits

Finding Marquise engagement rings really isn’t that hard, but when you want everything to be just right, as you do with an engagement ring, make sure you are dealing with a reputable source.

Buying engagement rings from estate sales, pawn-brokers or individuals can be risky. The best thing to do if you are not very knowledgeable of precious stones, or don’t have the opportunity to bring someone with you who is, before you buy, work out a deal with the seller to have the ring appraised by a reputable jeweler you know you can trust.

When buying from jewelry stores or jewelers, ask about guarantees, certifications and quality standards. Remember, this is not just a financial investment, but a real investment in your lives together. Don’t let a bad experience with a less than scrupulous seller, ruin your special opportunity with a less than quality stone.

In the final analysis what you buy needs to be an expression of your love and the way you feel about that very special woman you have decided to spend your life with.

The exquisitely unique cut of Marquise engagement rings alone is enough to make you want to consider this selection as your number one choice. With a rich history of romance, an elegant style lending itself to stunning solitaire settings, it’s no wonder this was the choice of queens.