Marquise Engagement Rings – The History Of A Smile

The Marquise engagement rings are perhaps one of the most beautiful and unique diamond rings to choose from. And they come with a fascinating story to boot!

The History Of The Marquise Diamond Ring

The origin of this cut of diamond can be traced back to King Louis XIV from France. The shape of this ring is supposed to be the shape of the mouth and lips of the King’s mistress Marquise de Pompadour which accounts for the name.

Since the King was so obviously pleased with this cut of diamond he named it after his mistress Marquise. The way this diamond was supposed to be cut was to show off the brilliance of Marquise de Pompadour’s smile.

Marquise De Pompadour

The mistress rose to power through unconventional means. Because of this she was disdained by the royal court and such slurs as poissonnades – which was a take off her maiden name Poisson – was thrown about to her displeasure.

Perhaps one of the most notable things about this woman is that she had great respect for the Queen which made the King even like her more. I believe this was one of the reasons why this ring was commissioned because of the mutual love and respect of the King and his mistress.

Typically, the King used to just dismiss a mistress when he became bored or felt too guilt associating with someone who was not his wife.

Marquise Brilliant Cut

The Marquise brilliant cut is another cut in the shape of the Marquise cut. This is a takeoff of the original design. This brilliant cut is much more luminous then the typical diamond cut used on Marquise engagement rings.

This was done in order to combat the bowtie effect that may present itself on Marquise engagement rings.

Buyers Beware – What You Should Look Out For In A Marquise Cut

While Marquise engagement rings are very popular, you should be aware of the bowtie effect that some jewelers mistakenly put into the diamond. This bowtie effect is caused by cuts at improper angles.

These angles make the diamond seem to have a shadow or a bowtie within the middle of the ring. Some people see this as a selling point. Others however know that this is not the right way this diamond should be cut.

Unfortunately, because of the shape of the Marquise cut and the bowtie effect, this diamond is susceptible to showing flaws and lack of clarity. It is just difficult to really make a perfect Marquise cut so that is why you should be extra careful when looking for one. Do not be hustled into something that is not perfect.

A Slimming Cut

This particular cut is considered the little black dress of engagement rings. This is because of the way the diamond is cut can make the woman’s hand look smaller.

Because of this slimming look this can be a popular ring to buy for those that are really fashion conscious. As well this cut is highly faceted so it reflects light off of many different surfaces; this makes the ring seem a lot shinier then its counterparts.

Clearly the Marquise cut is one diamond that is going to be sought after for many years to come. The brilliance and clarity of this cut makes Marquise engagement rings an outstanding choice for any bride to be.


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