Marquise Engagement Rings – Marquise Engagement Ring Settings

There are lots of choices in settings for marquise engagement rings. Many people think of the marquise shaped diamond as being out of fashion, but the unique design makes it well suited for a range of designs from antique to modern.

One Of A Kind

The simplest setting for marquise engagement rings is the solitaire mounting. In a solitaire style, the ring is set with a single marquise cut diamond. The mounting doesn’t have to be boring though; there are plenty of unique solitaire settings that should grab your attention.

Marquise engagement rings in particular are well suited for a bezel style setting. In a solitaire mounting, the bezel setting will accentuate the unusual shape of the marquise diamond. Bezel settings tend to look more modern, perfect for the couple who doesn’t want something that looks old-fashioned.

The traditional solitaire for marquise engagement rings is a think band with a six prong setting in the center to secure the diamond. For a marquise diamond, always opt for 6 prongs, never 4. And always make sure there is a prong covering the fragile points at either end of the diamond. If available, choose a setting with V shaped prong to protect the delicate corners.

Don’t Break Tradition

The classic style for marquise engagement rings is a three stone variation. Typically, the ring is set with a marquise shaped diamond in the center with a pair of either diamond baguettes, trillion shaped gemstones, or pear shaped gemstones.

Marquise engagement rings accented by diamond baguettes are one of the most elegant styles. A diamond baguette is a long slender diamond with a step cut faceting pattern, similar to an emerald cut.

These graceful diamonds draw out the shape of the marquise and the faceting arrangement doesn’t detract from the brilliance of the marquise.

Trillions and pears are also excellent choices as accents for marquise engagement rings. The trillion is the more common of the two. This is a triangular shaped diamond. For either shape, the point is set facing away from the marquise, again, to draw out the shape of the stone. Choose either diamonds or gemstones like sapphires or rubies to accent the center diamond.

Vintage Beauty

Today, marquise engagement rings that have an antique style are very popular. Vintage design is hot in just about every medium imaginable from art to architecture to interior design, fashion and jewelry.

Famous women Catherine Zeta Jones and Princess Charlene of Monaco both wear marquise engagement rings that are either antique or inspired by antique design.

Marquise engagement rings designed to have a vintage feel are typically set with tiny round diamonds in what is called a pave setting. Designers are mixing multi-colored metals such as white and rose gold to enhance the beauty and add to the feminine appeal.

Stop Right There

There are only a few types of settings that should be avoided when shopping marquise engagement rings. One, mentioned above, is anything that leaves the points of the diamond exposed. The corners of a marquise shaped diamond are extremely susceptible to breaking or chipping. They should always be protected, by a prong at minimum, but more preferably by a V shaped prong or bezel type of setting.

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