Marquise Engagement Rings – Marquise Engagement Ring Designs

For the couples who appreciate uniqueness, marquise engagement rings can not only be ideal, but a great deal as well. Even so, many couples don’t understand the marquise shaped diamond, thinking it outdated or old-fashioned.

The reality is way different. You can get a great marquise shaped diamond for a fraction of the cost of a round diamond with just as much sparkle and beauty.

Vintage Designs

Marquise engagement rings look great in vintage inspired ring designs. The marquise shaped diamond is a fancy brilliant cut. Like the round diamond, it features tiny facets that reflect the light, making it sparkle and dance with fire.

Marquise shaped diamonds pair well with round brilliant cut accents and many modern marquise engagement rings are in a pave style mounting that is set with lots of glittering round diamonds.

Modern Flair

For those who prefer a modern look, marquise engagement rings couldn’t be more perfect. The shape of the marquise shaped diamond is very appealing. Pointed at both ends with a rounded center, this shape is best enhanced by a bezel setting.

A bezel setting surrounds the diamond with metal; it can be a complete bezel or a partial bezel. Marquise engagement rings can break the norm; the diamond doesn’t have to be set in the traditional North-South orientation. Try setting the diamond in the East-West position or at an angle.

A Marquise No-No

There are certain ring designs that are not well suited for marquise engagement rings. One of these is the tension setting. In this design, the diamond appears to be suspended in the air, secured by very little metal.

While this is a very striking, modern design, it puts unnecessary stress and pressure on the diamond, making it susceptible to breaking or chipping.

An outdated design for marquise engagement rings is the graduated look. In this design, a larger marquise is set in the center with two or three marquise shaped stones on each side, tapering down in size.

You’ll see a lot of anniversary rings and marquise engagement rings in antique stores and pawn shops in this design. Unless you love the look and know she does too, steer clear.

A Bit Of Color

Marquise engagement rings are a great choice for some colored gemstones. Choose either a colored gemstone center or side stones, but stick with the hard ones like sapphire, ruby, or colored diamonds.

Avoid marquise engagement rings set with emeralds and opals because they are extremely fragile and not suitable for every day wear.

Tanzanite is a beautiful violet-hued gemstone. It looks great in marquise engagement rings. This stone is on the softer side, though, so if you do choose it for your center stone, make sure that you take the ring off when you are going to the gym or working in the garden.

Dollars And Sense

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, you better take a look at marquise engagement rings. Perhaps no other fancy shaped diamond sells at such great prices.

If you’re creative and like unique designs, you’ll benefit from the great deals. Jewelers are always eager to sell marquise engagement rings and are usually willing to bargain.

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