Marquise Engagement Rings – Horizontal Marquise Engagement Ring

One way to make marquise engagement rings stand out is to break the mold and set the stone sideways. We often get hung up on “the way it’s supposed to be” and forget to be creative. Horizontal marquise engagement rings make a big statement and turn heads.

Go West, Young Man

The traditional orientation for marquise engagement rings is North-South. However, East-West settings are gaining popularity and go a long way to refreshing a diamond shape considered to be outdated.

Horizontal marquise engagement rings tend to look more like a band than a traditional engagement ring, so they aren’t for everyone. Larger stones tend to look best in this style setting, because they sit up and stand out.

Setting a marquise shaped diamond sideways also gives you more flexibility in choosing a wedding band because you’re creating more of a flat edge or one with a slight curve, rather than one with a sharp corner.

Pick The Right Setting

Not every style setting works for horizontal marquise engagement rings. If the diamond is too small, you’ll lose the effect. While a diamond that is too big can be an obstruction, setting it sideways does make it somewhat easier to wear. Always be careful with large rings, though, they tend to knock into things and snag on clothing.

With all marquise engagement rings, no matter how they’re set, make sure the diamond has ample protection. If you’ve selected a prong setting, make sure you have at least 6 prongs with one prong covering each corner. Preferably, you should go for a V shaped prong that will give total protection to the delicate points.

A bezel setting is a great choice for marquise engagement rings, including those set horizontally. The bezel setting provides 360 degree protection for the diamond and accentuates the unique shape.

Celeb Style

Catherine Zeta Jones is one Hollywood A-Lister who chose the unconventional setting for her marquise diamond. Zeta Jones’ ring has inspired countless marquise engagement rings.

Her famous ring was given to her by hubby Michael Douglas on New Year’s Eve. The ring, designed by Fred Leighton, features a whopping 10-carat marquise shaped diamond in a 1920s mounting.

Even though Zeta Jones’ diamond is extremely large, the sideways mounting works. If it were set in the traditional manner, it would be constantly catching on things. Also, it could be hard for her to bend her knuckle if it was too big. With her active lifestyle and being a mother of young children, the horizontal mounting is a great fit.

Why It Works

Horizontal marquise engagement rings are practical for many couples. They stand out because they’re different, but they tend to be less ostentatious than vertical designs.

The understated sophistication is also ideal for the woman who enjoys an active lifestyle. Take it a step farther and put the diamond in a bezel setting and you have a ring that can go just about anywhere and do anything.

Marquise engagement rings are not only unique, but less expensive than their geometric counterparts. You’ll find marquise shaped diamonds are about 25% less than round diamonds, with just as much sparkle and brilliance.

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