Marquise Engagement Rings – Diamond Engagement Rings Of The Stars

Celebs love anything unusual. Perhaps that is why they love marquise engagement rings. Plenty of Hollywood beauties wear this unique cut, as do some of the royal families.

Super Star Bling

Larger than life celebrities Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas seem to have it all. Married since 2000, with two beautiful children, the couple has weathered through for better or worse.

A testament to their true love is the ring that all marquise engagement rings envy. Michael Douglas proposed to Zeta Jones on New Years Eve 1999 with an incredible 10 carat marquise shaped diamond engagement ring.

The ring is said to have cost over $2 million dollars created by jewelry designer of the stars, Fred Leighton. The ring is circa 1920 and set in the very unusual East-West orientation.

Posh Design

Marquise engagement rings aren’t just for U.S. celebrities. World soccer legend David Beckham designed a special 3-carat ring for his British pop super star, Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams.

The couple now married, resides in the United States as Beckham plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy. The marquise ring is one of two engagement rings that Victoria wears. The marquise ring was designed by Boodle & Dunthorne and features a trillion shaped diamond on each side.

Romantic History

Romantics will love the history of marquise engagement rings. The marquise shape, sometimes called a Navette, is said to have been designed by King Louis XIV of France.

Popular lore says that the King had the diamond specially made to mimic the shape of his lover’s lips, the Marquise de Pompadour. Its unclear whether the official mistress of the King ever received one of the diamonds she inspired, but Marquise engagement rings enjoy a thrilling piece of history unlike any other diamond cut.

One-of-a-Kind Style

Marquise engagement rings are perfect for the couple who wants something that no one else has. Marquise shaped diamonds are not particularly rare, but they are not in fashion, which makes them ideal for the girl who wants her ring to stand out.

The design of marquise engagement rings can be very romantic or ultra-modern and so, can fit any style or personality.

Marquise engagement rings are also perfect for the budget conscious shopper. A marquise shaped diamond will cost about 25% less than a round diamond of the same quality and size.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Even if you don’t have a 10-carat super rock like Catherine Zeta Jones, it is extremely important to have marquise engagement rings insured. Like any diamond ring or expensive piece of jewelry, insurance will protect you against loss, theft, or damage.

Even at a bargain price, marquise engagement rings are a big investment. Besides insuring your bling, make sure to visit a jeweler regularly to have your ring cleaned and inspected. Routine inspections can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Even in the most protective mounting, marquise engagement rings are more delicate than other designs. It is always a good idea to remove jewelry, especially engagement rings when going to the gym, gardening, or participating in water sports.

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