Marquise Engagement Rings – Cheap Marquise Engagement Rings

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t rule out marquise engagement rings. These are not the most popular cut, but in the right ring mounting, they can look just as fantastic as a round diamond, for about 25% less. If you play the game right, you might be able to score a ring for an even greater discount.

Size Matters

When it comes to marquise engagement rings, size matters. Here is a diamond that defies common thinking. You want a bigger stone, rather than a better stone. Here’s why:

Tiny marquise engagement rings look cheap. There is no avoiding it. No matter how nice the quality, it looks tiny and people won’t appreciate things like color or clarity.

A marquise shaped diamond is a brilliant cut, meaning that it hides well internal inclusions and small flaws. Carefully shop diamonds to find one that is a lower quality without eye visible inclusions. You’ll want to look for stones that have white colored inclusions rather than black or dark inclusions because they’re less likely to show to the naked eye.

Why Go Half, When You Can Go Whole?

Minimum size for marquise engagement rings is somewhat a matter of personal taste. It is not recommended to consider anything smaller than a half of a carat. A one carat stone or larger will make the best impression.

A one carat marquise shaped diamond (G color, SI2 clarity) will cost about $3,500 compared to a round diamond that could set you back $5,000. With the savings, you can buy an upgraded set of wedding bands, spring for a nicer mounting, or put it towards the honeymoon.

Shopping List

For the best deals on marquise engagement rings, you’ll want to shop online. There is hardly competition for the rock bottom prices found online.

It can be hard to buy marquise engagement rings online, though, because the cut of the diamond needs to be evaluated in person for beauty. No combination of words, grades, and photos can properly convey the look of a marquise shaped diamond.

Look for an online retailer who sells marquise engagement rings accompanied by a solid returns policy. That way, when you get the ring, if you’re unhappy with it, you can just send it back.

Local Beat

Shopping your local jeweler for marquise engagement rings is a sure way to know you’ll find something you like. A local jeweler can get a selection of diamonds in for you to compare in person, side-by-side.

You might pay a little bit more, but you’ll get the expertise of a professional jeweler. A local jeweler can also offer extras that an online retailer can’t like free ring sizings and jewelry cleanings for life. A local jeweler is also more likely to give you an incredible warranty that backs up their reputation for quality and service.

Bargain Shopper

If you just want the rock bottom best prices on marquise engagement rings and don’t care too much about the style, head to the pawn shop or antique store.

Here you’ll find a selection of marquise engagement rings, but the designs will be hit or miss. Many may be outdated, worn out, or just plain ugly. With the right eye, though, you might score a great deal on a diamond that can be reset into a new, modern ring.

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