High Quality Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Not all cubic zirconia engagement rings are created equal. If you’re looking for an alternative to diamonds that will last longer than most cubic zirconia, consider high quality options like diamond coated CZ.

High Intensity CZ

Cubic zirconia engagement rings vary in beauty and intensity depending on the gems they hold. Cubic zirconia is a lab created gem, though it does have a rare, but natural counterpart. The method and technique used to manufacturer and fashion the resulting CZ makes all the difference.

There is a huge difference between a $10 a $50 CZ and it isn’t necessarily the size. The difference is the so called DNA or chemical makeup of the stones. Premium CZ manufacturers take extra steps to create stunning, diamond like gemstones that are super clear and brilliant.

Super CZs

Cubic zirconia engagement rings have hit a new level with advancements in technology such as “diamond veneering”. In this process, a cubic zirconia is coated with a nanocrystalline diamond-coating. According to manufacturers, diamond coated CZ are virtually impossible to distinguish from natural diamonds, identified only by weigh, hardness and chemical compound.

So why buy cubic zirconia engagement rings with so called super CZs? One reason is the incredible brilliance. Cubic zirconia may be sparkly on its own, but add a diamond jacket, and voila, you’ve got super sparkle. Another reason is durability. The micro diamond coating adds significant durability to the CZ, protecting it from minor scratches and dings.

Extra Time And Attention

Another element that sets high quality cubic zirconia engagement rings apart from the rest is the attention to details and hand craftsmanship. Many premium cubic zirconia manufacturers cut their CZ by hand, just as they would a diamond. This extra time has significant benefits in the light yield of the gem.

A signifiant number of CZs on the market are machine cut, as you can imagine, this sort of mass production often cuts corners and turns out stones that are less than perfect. When you have a CZ that is hand faceted, though, you have a gem that rivals the beauty of a diamond.

Routine Maintenance

All cubic zirconia engagement rings, or any engagement ring for that matter, needs regular care and maintenance to maintain its longevity. Even with the most powerful diamond coating, a CZ is still susceptible to damage.

To keep your precious bling looking a perfect 10, make sure you keep it clean. Take the ring off when applying lotion or perfume. Regularly clean your ring with a mild soapy water solution and a soft tooth brush. Rinse completely to remove film and dry with a soft cloth.

Is It All Worth It?

Of course, high quality cubic zirconia engagement rings cost more than “regular” cubic zirconia engagement rings. But is it worth it? Well, that’s up to you. With a high quality CZ, you’ll get more sparkle and a longer life. With a standard CZ, you’ll still have the sparkle and you may have to replace it sooner, but you could probably get two regular CZs for the price of one.

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