Engagement Rings – Is It Really Worth It?

You’ve started looking at engagement rings because you know she is the one. Now, the next big questions are how much do I spend, what kind do I get?

Or possibly the question is should I get her a ring at all? Would she be just as happy with a wedding band on the big day?

No one can answer these questions for you, but with a little forethought you can come to the right conclusion yourself.

To Give Or Not To Give, Is That The Question?

Unless your fiancé-to-be, has said specifically she does not want an engagement ring or her work makes engagement rings a bother more than a plus, yes, you should get her a ring.

Now, if you both know that financially it would put an undue burden on your situation that could be another consideration. However, in today’s market, with vast choices and price ranges, that’s a pretty thin excuse.

Whether you are going to ask her with a ring or ask her and taking her shopping for a ring, getting one should be in the plans.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Knowing what to spend on engagement rings is probably one of the most discussed questions in the whole proposal scheme of things.

Some will say, as much as you have. Others would say keep the cost relative to what you have. If you polled a hundred people you would most likely get a hundred different answers. The best answer is to spend in relativity to how you spend on everything else.

If as a couple you are very fugal and conservative with your money, you might want to do the same here. If you spend extravagantly, then the same would apply. It’s a good rule of thumb, but not a perfect answer.

Some people who are conservative in everyday things, look at an engagement ring as a life-long investment in their future. Look at your spending habits and you will most likely find the answer.

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

Once you have decided on a budget, then it’s time to try and find the best deal for your money. That doesn’t mean you head straight to Wal-Mart. The best deals on engagement rings can’t be just dollars for carats. Quality, clarity and uniqueness are all values that have to be considered.

If you are looking at vintage engagement rings, then antique stores, estate sales and pawnshops may be your best bet. Just make sure you take someone with you who knows true value and quality, or arrange to take the ring to a jeweler for appraisal.

New jewelry stores or the mall stores sometimes have great sales. You should always check their written quality standards and see what certifications they have.

Probably the best place to start your search is online. This is the one place you can find everything, get an education on what is in the market and what to look for. It is also the place you can find the best deals, the quickest and have the opportunity to compare those deals to many other.

No matter where you buy, or how much you spend, buying engagement rings should be an expression of your love for her and the way she makes you feel.

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