Engagement Rings – How To Pop The Question In Great Style?

You researched engagement rings and found just the right one for her style and grace. Now, how do you pop the question?

Well, let’s get something out in the open right now. No, you do not want to do it at a stadium on the jumbo-tron. In fact, proposing at any sporting event is not a good idea.

But It Worked On Tv?

Contrary to what you’ve seen on TV, YouTube or in the movies, proposing in goofy ways (like putting engagement rings in food or drinks) does not generally endear you to your loved one.

Women, no matter how silly it may seem to you, like romance. When you plan the big day you need to keep in mind this is a very serious subject and this moment will be a memory you both keep with you for the rest of your lives.

X Marks The Spot!

Choosing locations for presenting engagement rings has always been half the solution. Whether you select a spot that has a special meaning to the both of you (like where you first met, first kiss, etc.) or a romantic new spot, it has everything to do with how you will go about the asking.

When you are selecting the location, put yourself there in your mind, how will you ask, what could go wrong, what background noises could interfere, and is the spot going to be crowded or available.

A little planning goes a long ways but remember the best laid plans of mice and men. Have a back-up plan.

How Do I Ask Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Getting creative about how you ask is a good thing, as long as you keep romance in mind. Waiters have been used to present engagement rings in many ways. You might tell your soon-to-be, you had something special made for dessert. Then have the waiter bring the ring (in a box) to the table on a tray. Take it off the tray immediately so the waiter can leave and then get down on your knees and ask.

If you propose at a garden you might slip your hand into your pocket un-noticed, and then stop to look at a particular rose, flower or special spot. Act as if you want to show her something, produce the ring and drop down on your knees and ask.

Spectacular events that are very public make great movies, but generally don’t work out very well in reality. Neither does asking her in front of family. This is an exceptional event between you and her. The fewer people around the better for the both of you and the more personal (translated romantic) it will be.

You spent a lot of time looking at engagement rings, you should spend some thoughtful time in deciding how the big question will leave a long enduring memory for her.

How Far Is Far Out?

Sitting in a restaurant at the top of a tower, with a plane flying by trailing a sign that says “will you marry me Lucy” would be a little far out there. Not saying it hasn’t been done or that it didn’t work.

I’m just saying that a stroll down a river walk and stopping at the bridge you first kissed at shows you remembered and you planned to make your proposal a unique event, catered to just the two of you.

Just like when you were shopping for engagement rings, finding the right way and place should be something that reflects your love for her and the things that you have shared and will share together.

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