Engagement Rings – How To Know What To Give Her?

You’ve made the decision you want to surprise her and have started looking at engagement rings. Who would have thought there would be so many shapes and sizes?

While this task can seem daunting and maybe a little fearful, there are a few helpful tips you can take with you to make the decision easier and with a little more confidence in finding what she likes.

Just Like Your Daddy Said, Pay Attention!

The fastest way you can get an idea of what she likes in engagement rings is to start paying close attention to the type of jewelry she wears now and the things she points out that she likes.

Pay very close attention when you go shopping with her at the style of clothes she likes, the jewelry she stops to look at and especially if you happen by the area where the engagement rings are sold, see if she makes any comments about certain shapes or designs (this is a hint for you to maneuver her by the counter very non-chalantly).

Is She A Pro?

The type of job or occupation your future fiancé has can be a big help in deciding what type of engagement rings are suited to her life style.

Rings with tall setting and high prongs that catch on clothing and are a bit flashing, may not be the thing for professional business women, who wear silk blouses and suits. On the other hand, if she is an artist or potter, a ring with a great deal of intricate detail that would be hard to keep clean would probably not be the right choice.

This shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but probably already dominates the jewelry she wears.

Look At Her Hand Before You Ask For It

You want to keep in mind that whatever you buy for her should complement her looks.

Ladies with long slender fingers look good in just about any style of engagement rings, while those with wider shorter fingers can look even more so with large round or square shaped stone. Marquise cuts and ovals tend to make women’s fingers look longer and more slender.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

You could catch a lucky break if a friend of hers or yours, for that matter, has recently gotten engaged.

Asking your soon-to-be what she really thought of her friends ring or the style by making some comment, might get a conversation started that leaves you with some hints on the direction you should go. Just make sure you get her answers when you’re by yourselves, so that the answers she gives are not for an audience and more likely to be her true feelings.

If You Think It’s Hopeless, Get Stoned

There is a new up and coming trend that is becoming popular just for this particular dilemma and that is loose stones.

After looking at engagement rings, if you still can’t decide what type of ring you think she would like, you can always present her with a loose stone. That way the two of you can go together to find just the perfect setting for her ring.

This may be the best of both worlds. You give her a diamond and a promise, but she still has a say in what type of setting she wants to match her style.

The biggest key as you look at engagement rings is to listen for any helpful hints she might throw your way, take her style, job and personality in consideration, and go for it. Chances are she’ll love it, because you picked it out with her in mind and that’s what it’s all about.

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