Engagement Rings – Custom Or Prefab?

When looking for engagement rings a question many people never even stop to ask is should they buy a stock ring off the shelf, or have one custom made.

With new tools that make custom jewelry easier and less expensive than ever before, custom rings can be a delightful option for the nuptial couple.

Why Re-Invent The Ring?

With so many types, shapes and sizes of rings already out there, you might be asking yourself, why in the world would anyone think of having custom engagement rings made?

There are actually several good reasons, first of all being exclusivity. Nothing can thrill the bride more than knowing there is not another ring like it in the world. It was specially made for her.

Another popular reason for custom rings, especially in Celtic engagement rings, is the idea of having a vow or message of your love to one another engraved with symbols into the design of the ring. Often these contain hidden meanings that only the couple know or will ever know.

Rings that are custom made are often made with higher quality and become heirlooms pasted down from generation to generation because of their uniqueness or other sentimental value.

But I Want It Now!

One advantage the stock engagement rings have is you can purchase them now.

Custom rings do take a little longer and you need to plan for that time span. With a stock ring, you can see exactly what it looks like today, where a custom ring does require a little imagination and confidence in your jeweler to make it look just like you have pictured in your mind.

If you’re in a rush or your future father-in-law is standing beside you with a shotgun, then go with the stock ring and don’t even consider a custom. However, if you want to create something really special that you are not going to see on anyone else, then plan for the extra time and go with a custom made ring.

One last piece of advice though, listen to your jeweler if he thinks what you’re trying to create will be hideous, go with his professional advice.

Where Did He Come From, Where Did He Go?

Should you decide that custom engagement rings might be a distinctive way to express how you feel for her, you have to find a craftsman who can do the job.

One of the best places to begin your search is online. You can quickly find customer jewelry makers in your area or ones who can do the job, have a great reputation and complete it all through the mail.

Local jewelers usually will do custom work, but again you should check their reputation in this area, their workload and timeframe for developing the ring you want. Most of your mall jewelry stores do not do custom work or they farm it out to someone who might be less than qualified. Check for guarantees, certifications and quality standards.

In the end, whether you go for stock engagement rings or custom, finding a ring that expresses the right feelings you have for her is the most important mission you have and that is a personal decision.

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