Engagement Rings – 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy One

Ready to start looking at engagement rings to find that perfect one for popping the question?

Before you begin your search, here are five quick things you might not know that can save you time and get you more for your money.

Something Old, Something New, But Not Borrowed Or Blue

Before you go trotting off to the nearest jewelry store looking at engagement rings, consider a combination of used rings and custom rings.

With today’s tools and methods custom rings are not nearly as expensive as they use to be. If you have a great used ring or can find one with diamond sets, having the stones reset in your own creation can be a way to give her something unique and more valuable than you could afford in a new ring of the same carat weight.

Solitary Man

Large solitaire engagement rings are the rage, but keep in mind the larger diamonds go at premium prices.

If you keep your solitaire under a carat and add smaller stones around it, you usually save 30% on a dollar per total carat basis.

What that means is you could buy her a solitaire of close to 1 carat, and add another carat worth of diamonds around it for a total of 2 carats, and still save 30% over a 2 carat solitaire. Something to consider and it would be much more unique than the ever popular single solitaire.

A Cut Above The Rest

The cut of an engagement ring can mean a great deal in the price today. While the princess (round) cut is the most popular today, its’ popularity has caused it to become a bit over-priced.

Going with a larger stone with a simpler cut like an emerald cut can save you money, or let you buy a much larger stone for the same amount of a smaller princess cut.

Do keep in mind though, that the shape of her hands can affect the look of certain cuts.

If she has long slender thin hands, then just about anything will work, but if she has wider fingers and short stubby hands, cuts like Marquise and ovals are much better choices and will compliment her hands with a much more slender look.

Getting Loose

Another option you may not be aware of is the growing popularity of buying loose diamonds instead of engagement rings.

Some men really struggle with the decision to buy her a ring and surprise her or ask her and then take her shopping for rings, so she can get what she wants.

Buying loose diamonds is an option answer to this question. You could buy her a loose diamond and give it to her when you pop the question, then the two of you can go looking at rings together, giving her an opportunity to find the ring she really wants.

Don’t Whine, Get Online

Shopping online is the very best place to start when you are doing your search.

Whether you buy online or just begin to educated yourself on all the options engagement rings offer, online shopping is the fastest and most economical way to look at the different cuts, compare prices and explore all the choices available.

Enjoy the adventure of finding the “just so” ring among all the other engagement rings, that tells her how you feel about her and remember you are creating a lifetime memory for the one you love.

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