Engagement Ring Settings – Is It The Best Fit For Your Bride?

Beyond all the choices there are in engagement ring settings themselves, one more angle you need to cover is how well the ring fits the bride.

We’re not talking about size of the ring, but more of how the ring will compliment her looks, lifestyle and everyday wardrobe. Considering how active your new bride is, what profession she’s in and even the shape and skin tone of her hand can all be contributing factors in finding just the right setting.

Triathlon Competitor Or Computer Guru?

One of the things most overlooked when considering engagement ring settings is how active of a lifestyle the bride-to-be has. If she is a coach, a marathon runner or basketball player, whatever she does if it’s a strenuous activity, settings with high prong solitaires or intricate design could be a problem.

Of course she can take the ring off during these activities, but the idea of getting her a ring that suits her lifestyle can mean the opportunity to wear it more and reduce chances of losing it by taking it off to do those activities.

In The Garden Or Head Of The Boardroom

What type of wardrobe your soon-to-be wears should also be contemplated.

If she wears a suit every day then engagement rings settings that might catch on her clothes should probably be avoided. If she is the outdoors type who likes to garden and get her hands in the dirt, setting with very intricate detail will be difficult to keep free of dirt and debris.

Just think about how she spends most of her time and the type of wardrobe she most often dawns.

I Have To Hand It To You

The shape of a woman’s hands can also be a determining factor in your choice of engagement ring settings. Women with short wide fingers look better in narrow bands that help to slim the look of their hand, while long slender fingers can wear a wide band without a negative effect.

The same thing can be applied to the stone mount on the top of the setting. Settings with wide stone clusters have the same effect as a wide band, so keep that in mind as well.

What’s The Skinny

Funny as it may sound to you, the tone or coloring of your sweetie’s skin can also make a difference in how well a ring looks on her hand.

Women who have more of a yellowish tone to their skin look better in gold, where ladies who have very pale skin tend to accent white gold or more silver color in a band. Before you go staring at her hand and asking her what she thinks her skin color is, just try observing what she likes to wear.

Most women know what looks best on them and if she wears a lot of gold or much more silver it can give you some great insight to what she would prefer and what looks best on her.

Contemplating all the facets of engagement ring settings may seem a little overpowering at first, but keeping in mind who the one you love is and what she’s all about can be a great guide in finding just the perfect setting for the perfect woman in your life.

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