Engagement Ring Settings – Dry Or Wet Cleaning?

Engagement ring settings are a big part of the engagement ring and are twice as noticed as the center stone itself. That’s more than enough reason for you to keep it as shiny as possible!

A weekly and semi-annually cleaning schedule is a smart way to insure your ring will always maintain its beauty and help you spot any trouble issues before they become serious. But do you know how to do it?

Do It At Home Or Go With A Pro?

Many people argue about the pros and cons of cleaning engagement rings settings at home versus having them cleaned professionally. The truth is you should do both.

Cleaning your ring weekly is a great way to keep it from having build-up from your hand creams, lotions and oil from your skin. Most people don’t have the time or schedule to take their ring by a jeweler’s once a week to clean it, so that only leaves cleaning it at home. This will also give you a reason to take a moment to study your ring for any bent prongs or damage that might have occurred to your ring.

At least once and better twice a year, you should take your ring to a jeweler to have it cleaned. Many jewelers offer this service for free, especially if you bought your ring from them. They have the tools and know how to get it deep cleaned, removing dirt and grime you might have missed or couldn’t see.

They also can take this time to closely and professionally examine your ring, note any particular wear or damage in both the setting and the stones. This is a great precaution and has saved many a stone from being lost or rings from un-repairable damage.

Home Remedies for Great Results

There are a great number of home remedies for cleaning engagement ring settings, but most people recommend two that work, without danger of damaging your ring.

One is to take a small dish and put in one part mild dish detergent and two parts water. Place the ring in the dish and let it soak for about five minutes and then remove, clean with a soft bristled brush (like a baby’s tooth brush) and dry with a lint free cloth. You can do the same with a solution of ammonia with using the same ratio of water to ammonia.

Of course you can buy a regular jewelry cleaner and clean your engagement ring settings with that. Just make sure the label says it is okay for the type of stones you have as well as the type of metal your ring is made of.

Another method is to buy an ultra-sound jewelry cleaner and use it. There are home models that work on the same fundamentals as the ones the jewelry stores use, and some swear by them. They can be somewhat expensive, so check around and make sure you buy a model that has good reviews.

They Call Them Professionals For A Reason

Most jewelers use steam or ultra-sound to clean engagement ring settings. These industrial tools are built just for cleaning jewelry and restoring it back to its original luster. No matter how often you clean at home these professional methods can remove grime and build-up that can’t even be seen by the naked eye, and therefore give your ring back a glimmer you had forgotten about.

In extreme cases jewelers can use an acid bath to bring really dirty rings back to life. This method should only be used by a jeweler familiar with the method, because an improper job can damage your ring.

Keeping your engagement ring settings clean and in good repair will enhance your enjoyment of their beauty and protect their value as an heirloom, an investment and most of all a gift of the heart.

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