Engagement Ring Settings – Charming Accent?

If you have just started looking at engagement ring settings one of the first questions you may find yourself asking is:

Do I want to get her a simple band with a large solitaire or would something more elaborate with accents fit her style?

There are a few pros and cons to each that might possible help you make that decision.

One For The Money, Two For The Show?

Solitaire diamond rings with simple bands are quite popular. One reason can be cost, but you do need to keep in mind when you go with a solitaire, the focus of the ring is totally on that single stone.

While your band may not be that expensive, the stone generally has to be larger to be impressive and larger means bigger bucks.

Engagement ring settings with accents can allow you to purchase a smaller center stone and add several smaller stones to give the appearance of a much larger center piece with more brilliance to the entire ring.

Often this route can produce a ring with a much higher carat count, more elaborate design and still cost less than a solitaire of equal carat weight. The best example of this are the cluster engagement ring settings, where several gems are arranged together to create beautiful shapes.

The Big Band Sound

When you begin to consider engagement ring settings with accents, the band cost does play a more significant role. With a single solitaire the band is usually fairly simple, small and inexpensive because the focus is on the stone.

Rings with accents usually have to be wider, and have more elaborate designs to incorporate the additional stones. Bigger bands and more detailed design adds cost and also makes them more difficult to keep clean.

Does She Dress Like A Queen, Or Is She Always In Blue Jeans?

One of the big determining factors when you are trying to decide what engagement ring settings you prefer could be her style.

If she likes simple jewelry and seldom dresses to the max, she may prefer a solitaire and a plain band. On the other hand if she loves to dress up, usually wears a lot of jewelry and it is sometimes pretty flashy, then a ring with accents sounds like the best bet.

A Coat Of Many Colors

One popular trend is using something other than the traditional diamond as the center stone. If you like sapphires, rubies and emeralds they really bling when surrounded by diamond accents. A larger emerald of one carat can be had for a lot less expense than a diamond of the same size, so surrounding it with small diamonds can still be cost effective. Two of the most famous creations of this style were Princess Di’s ring (now passed on to her son’s wife) and Jaclyn Kennedy’s.

Accents on engagement ring settings are an excellent way to have a more creative and unique ring. Whether you want to add diamonds to a color stone or just enhance the diamond center stone, additional beauty, style and grace are what accents are all about.

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