Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – When Square is Cool?

The search is on for that “just right” engagement ring. Don’t overlook emerald cut engagement rings when you’re looking for uniqueness, style and grace. Princess cut engagement rings seem to dominate every jewelry counter today, why not look for the out of the ordinary elegance of an emerald cut diamond, offering her a chic alternative?

Where Did It Come From, Where Did It Go?

The history of the emerald cut comes from cutting emeralds of course. Emeralds are hard, brittle and somewhat temperamental stones that often have flaws in them. This makes them very tedious to cut without cracking or chipping. However, their beauty was in demand, so jewelers of the day came up with a somewhat simple cut, square with rounded corners, but yet having a very distinct elegance all of its own.

Emeralds made the cut popular and soon jewelers began to use it with other stones and eventually the diamond solitaire surfaced with the Emerald cut. Emerald cut engagement rings soon became a popular option among those seeking unique engagement rings.

I Might Not Be That Bright, But I Sure Am Pretty

Emerald cut engagement rings are a thing of beauty, but they do have one drawback. Because of the simplicity of the cut, they do not reflect light as easily as more complex cuts such as the princess cut. This may seem a serious flaw, but in fact it just means you need to be more particular when choosing a diamond for this type of cut.

The emerald cut is one of long simple lines, with large facets that, without the correct diamond, will show flaws more easily and seem dull. For this reason emerald cut diamonds need to be of the best possible color and clarity you can possibly find.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the emerald cut diamond needs to be one and a half times longer than its width to keep a balanced look with the stone. Don’t let these points deter you from looking at emerald cut rings, just be aware of what you need to look for in a stone with this cut.

Let Her Fingers Do The Talking

One finer point to consider when looking at emerald cut engagement rings, is the bride-to-be’s hands. The emerald cut stone when set in a solitaire looks very elegant on ladies with long slender fingers, but can be less attractive on women with shorter, wider fingers. That doesn’t mean if her heart is set on this cut is definitely not for her, but just that other stones may need to be added to the ring to spread the attention of the emerald cut stone. As with all choices, the end result is an accumulation of taste, style and opinion.

When Size Matters

The style of emerald cut engagement rings, really lends itself to larger stones. The good news is in most cases because of the simplicity of the cut; you can purchase a higher quality diamond, larger and with more clarity for less than the overwhelmingly popular princess or brilliant cut round stones of similar size.

The lesser cost of the emerald cut stone is in part because of its simpler cut, but also, because the popularity of the other two has them overpriced. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a cheaper engagement ring with a larger diamond and at the same time, give her something with an out of the ordinary elegance.

Getting Set Up, Not Up Set

Emerald cut engagement rings lend themselves to a number of engagement ring settings. Because of the shape of the cut, you will want to have a setting that has at least four prongs on it to ensure your stone will stay where it’s supposed to and not be lost.

These rings are also one of the cuts whose shape and luster lend itself well to additional stones mounted around the solitaire.

Round Up The Usual Suspects

So where do you find emerald cut engagement rings? Even though they are not the volume cut stones of today, nearly all jewelry stores and jewelers carry a few of these extraordinarily beautiful rings. They can also be found in vintage jewelry stores, estate sales and pawn shops. One of the fastest ways and most cost effective is to look on line to see who deals in them and who does not. This is also a great place to get more information and see what is available.

As with any purchase of this type, you want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable firm or dealer. If dealing with a source you may fear less than reputable or knowledgeable, like pawn shops or individuals, it is always prudent to take someone with you that has knowledge of stones or have the option of taking the ring to a jeweler you trust.

Know When To Duck And Run

Emerald cut engagement rings are certainly one of the most prestigious looks and can offer you an individuality others don’t possess. However, this cut is one that does require a little more due diligence locating or recognizing the perfect stone.

If you’re talking with a jeweler, ask them the depth of the stone and its clarity rating. Depth of emerald cut stones should be in the 59 to 76% range to give the diamond its maximum luster. A diamond with a VS2 clarity quality is also recommended, along with a certification of the cut. These are terms your jeweler should be familiar with. In fact if you have a jeweler you know and trust, he can help educate you on the finer points of what to look for in an emerald cut stone.

Don’t let these small tidbits of information veer you away from emerald cut engagement rings. You don’t have to be a jeweler to find the right stone, you just need to be aware of the things that make up a great emerald cut stone, so you can make a more educated and rewarding choice in your endeavor.

Emerald cut engagement rings offer one more luxurious option in finding her the ring that spells out your special kind of relationship. Its timeless elegance, style and grace are one more way you can say “I love you, for just being you.”