Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – What Setting Works Best?

Emerald cut engagement rings are so versatile. An emerald cut diamond looks great in almost any mounting. This guide will help you pick the best setting to suit your tastes and show off this beautiful and unique diamond.

Solitary Confinement

Emerald cut engagement rings don’t need tons of fanfare. A solitaire mounting is a perfect mounting for someone who wants to showoff their emerald cut diamond in a simple way.

Choose a solitaire mounting with either prongs or a bezel setting to secure the diamond in place. For an unusual design, set the diamond side-ways in an East-West position.

Emerald cut engagement rings are not well suited for a tension style solitaire mounting. In this design, the diamond appears to be suspended in the air, secured by metal on two sizes. Tension holds the diamond in place, this mounting style, however, is risky and does not offer good long term support for the diamond.

Lots Of Bling

One of the most popular style for emerald cut engagement rings is a pave frame. These designs feature lots of tiny round brilliant cut diamonds surrounding the center diamond and continuing around the band of the ring.

Emerald cut engagement rings look so spectacular in this design because there is an interesting contrast of sparkle. An emerald cut diamond has long, straight facets which give off broad flashes of light. Round diamonds are cut for maximum brilliance, sending light back to the eye in tiny flashes of fire.

Channel It

Emerald cut engagement rings look great when accented by other four sided diamonds such as other emerald cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds. When using these shapes, consider setting them in a channel setting to enhance their outline.

A channel setting is a style where there is metal on two sides of the diamond. The diamonds are set practically flush with the metal for a smooth, seamless look. It is very important to choose diamonds that are perfectly matched to one another with excellent proportions and cutting quality.

Red, White, And Yellow

Emerald cut engagement rings are almost exclusively set in white metal. The primary reason being that white gold and platinum are the dominant metals for bridal jewelry. Throughout history, engagement rings have been made in white metal to enhance the appearance of the diamonds.

You will find emerald cut engagement rings in yellow or even rose gold. Setting a low color diamond in a yellow gold mounting is a great way to mask the color and make it appear whiter.

Rose gold is gaining popularity, as it continues to do so, expect to see more emerald cut engagement rings in this pink hued metal. Rose gold looks great on practically every skin color and is especially beautiful when combined with white gold in a two tone design.

Just Don’t Do It

Emerald cut engagement rings look great in just about every style, but there are a few things you should avoid. It is very difficult to combine emerald cut diamonds with certain shapes such as marquise, oval, pear. Also, you shouldn’t choose a cheap ring to save money. You’re likely to end up with a poor quality diamond.

In the end, you should choose a mounting style for emerald cut engagement rings based on your personal style as well as your habits and lifestyle.

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