Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – What Is The Meaning?

Emerald cut engagement rings are somewhat uncommon in today’s fashion.

You do see celebrities and royals wearing this elegant style, however, which makes it particularly popular among those who appreciate finer goods.

Now is your chance to know a little bit more about the meaning of these beautiful rings!

Step It Up

Emerald cut diamonds have a unique brilliance with bold reflections of light. This is due to the faceting arrangement which is called a step or trap cut.

Emerald cut engagement rings are unlike the brilliant cut where a diamond has tiny facets in a pattern designed to take light in and then reflect it back out producing lots of fire and sparkle. Instead, an emerald cut diamond has long, straight facets that form a concentric rectangle allowing you to see inside the stone.

Simply Flawless

The design of emerald cut engagement rings is ideal for very fine quality diamonds. Instead of reflecting light back like tiny mirrors, the facets drawn you into the stone to appreciate its simple beauty and cleanness.

When shopping for emerald cut engagement rings, cut and clarity are the two most important considerations. The cut should be very good or excellent with near perfect proportions. The facets should align perfectly to form continuous rectangular patterns.

For clarity, it is advisable that emerald cut diamonds be VS1 clarity or higher. Color and carat are not nearly as important to the appearance of the gem and are more a matter of personal preference and budget.

If you want a diamond that appears white in color, choose something that is I color or higher.

Fit For A Queen

fit for a princessEmerald cut engagement rings are usually reserved to those who appreciate fine good.

Because quality is such an important factor, most people who shop emerald cut engagement rings have a healthy budget to work with.

A woman who will appreciate an emerald cut diamond probably prizes quality in her clothing, choice of vehicle, and food.

She is probably sophisticated, somewhat reserved, and typically has delicate features or mannerisms.


Champagne And Engagement RingChampagne Taste

Of course, not everyone can afford the most expensive emerald cut engagement rings. If you love this cut, but just can’t afford a good quality, rather than sacrifice quality, consider a smaller stone.

Another option to consider is to use a CZ replica. It will be a good substitute while you’re saving for the real deal!

Generally, colored gemstones don’t make a good substitute for emerald cut engagement rings unless you go with an emerald which looks best when cut in an emerald cut design.

Use caution when choosing an emerald for an engagement ring, though, as they are very soft and susceptible to breaking, chipping, and scratching.

Get Certified

certificat diamant GIA

There are many options when shopping for emerald cut engagement rings. Whether you prefer to shop online or in stores, you’ll find a vast selection. Be sure that the seller has certification on the diamond from an independent gemological laboratory like GIA or AGS.

The certificate should include a plot, which is a map of the inclusions, as well as a grade for clarity, cut, and color. The certificate should also list the carat weight and dimensions of the diamond.

If you’re buying online, be sure to check the warranty and return policy before making your final purchase.

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