Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – Origins

Emerald cut engagement rings have a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The long, straight facets of this cutting style create a window to the inside of the stone. For this reason, emerald cut diamonds are often of very high quality, free of blemishes. They also have a very interesting story behind those facets. Can you guess how it started?

History Of The Emerald Cut

Believe it or not, the emerald cutting style came before emerald cut engagement rings. The cut was originally developed for the emerald, thus the name, emerald cut.

Emerald crystals grow long, straight, and slender. The rectangular outline and faceting pattern of the emerald cut are well suited for these crystals, making the best use of the gem material.

The color of an emerald is the most enchanting feature. There is no other gemstone that can compare with the brilliant green of an emerald. The emerald cut is simple so as not to detract from this beautiful hue.

Cutting Corners

Another distinctive feature of emerald cut engagement rings is that the center diamond has beveled corners. This design was originally created for emeralds to protect the fragile corners of this gemstone.

In diamonds, this feature is especially important. Diamonds, while being the hardest mineral on earth, have a weakness – cleavage. Diamonds have perfect cleavage in four planes, meaning if they are struck in just the right place, they will break, forming a smooth surface.

The beveled corners of emerald cut engagement rings protect these fragile corners from such stress. Even still, these corners are usually protected below a prong which also serves to secure the diamond in the mounting.

Famous Roots

Emerald cut engagement rings convey understated elegance. They have been worn by all sorts of royals and celebrities throughout history. Some of the world’s most important diamonds have been cut into the emerald cut.

The massive Darya-i Noor, weighing over 175 carats was examined by Jean Baptiste Tavenier in the mid-1600s. Today, this fantastic rock is in the Crown Jewels of Iran.

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. has a fantastic emerald cut diamond in its collection. The Portuguese diamond is the largest in the National Gem Collection, weighing 127.01 carats. This diamond is nearly octagonal in shape and a slight variation from the traditional emerald cut.

Celebrity Favorite

Emerald cut engagement rings are a favorite on the red carpet. Because of their popularity in Hollywood, you’ll see copy-cats on the pages of bridal magazines, touting their beauty and elegance.

Jay-Z put a ring on Beyoncé, set with a flawless, 18 carat emerald cut diamond valued at more than $5 million. Mariah Carey wears a stunning, 10 carat pink emerald cut diamond given to her by hubby Nick Cannon.

Clearly Kate Hudson prefers the look of the long facets associated with emerald cut engagement rings. She once wore an Asscher cut diamond from ex-husband Chris Robinson. Now, she sports a $200,000 emerald cut diamond gifted by Matthew Bellamy.

Buyers Market

Emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for the couple who wants something unique and elegant. There are plenty of emerald cut diamonds on the market, so you won’t have to worry about finding one.

Considered an expensive cut, emerald cut engagement rings typically cost about 20% less than round brilliant cuts of the same size and quality. Because they aren’t in as high of a demand, you can get a great deal on a fantastic diamond.

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