Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – Know It, Buy It, Love It

When shopping emerald cut engagement rings it is important to do your homework before making a decision. You won’t have problems finding rings to choose from, the trick is picking the right one that will look great even after you take it out of the jewelers showroom.

All The Better To See

Emerald cut engagement rings are like windows. You can see into the diamond and see even the slightest flaws easily. Make sure that you select a diamond that has a high clarity to avoid unattractive blemishes.

In general, you should only consider emerald cut engagement rings that are VS2 clarity or higher. Lower than this and you should expect to be able to see inclusions inside the diamond.

There are exceptions, however. If you do select a ring that has a lower clarity, make sure that the inclusions are white in color and thus less likely to stand out. These types of inclusions are usually called feathers. Another consideration is the placement of the inclusion. If possible, choose a stone with inclusions that can be masked under prongs.

A Cut Above

The cut of emerald cut engagement rings is arguably the most important for the 4 C’s. An emerald cut diamond has long straight facets. It is important for them to be precisely aligned to give the appearance of concentric rectangles.

Emerald cut engagement rings should be either Very Good or Excellent cut. Many diamond cutters will make sacrifices and produce an inferior design. Usually this is to save money in production costs. Cutting a diamond to ideal proportion takes lots of time and patience. This is not conducive to producing a high volume of stones.

Ideal Proportions

Emerald cut engagement rings don’t have standard ideal proportions. There are however, general proportions that everyone agrees yield the most beautiful stones.

The length to width ratio is an important consideration for emerald cut engagement rings. You can calculate this ratio by dividing the length by the width. Ideally, emerald cut diamonds should have a length to width ratio that is 1.50:1 to 1.75:1. If the diamond has a lower ratio, it will appear squarer; a higher ratio will make it too long and skinny.

Crown & Pavilion

The other proportions for emerald cut engagement rings can be confusing to the layperson. Choose a jeweler that you can trust to show you a wide selection of diamonds and choose what appeals to you. Or do plenty of homework and research if you plan on shopping online. Since you can’t see the diamond before you buy, and a picture won’t do it justice, you want to make sure you know your stuff.

Looking at the diamond in profile, it has 3 sections: crown (top), girdle (middle), and pavilion (bottom). The total depth percentage is important for proper light reflection. Well cut emerald cut engagement rings should have a center stone with a total depth percentage of approximately 60%.

Another consideration for emerald cut engagement rings is the size of the table. The table is the flat facet at the very top of the stone. The table should be proportionate to the overall stone. For a stone to be considered excellent or very good cut, you want a smaller table size, somewhere between 55% and 65%.

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