Emerald Cut Engagement Rings – Bigger Stone Leads To Bigger Smiles?

The bigger the better and for emerald cut engagement rings, this is mostly true. Because of the unique cutting style of an emerald cut diamond, a larger stone has more appeal. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality to get a bigger stone that will lead to a different disappointment.

Size Matters

Emerald cut engagement rings come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. The most spectacular rings, however, are set with large diamonds in the center. For an emerald cut diamond, the recommendation is to go with no less than 3/4-carat and if you can afford to, don’t go lower than 1-carat.

Of course, the most spectacular emerald cut engagement rings are set with 3-carat diamonds or larger. A one carat diamond, though, will give you a great look. Smaller than that can be unattractive. Since the diamond is cut with long, broad facets, you want to make sure that there is enough of a surface area to show off the diamond.

Smaller emerald cut engagement rings just don’t have the same wow factor. The facets tend to run together and they look more like accent stones than center stones.

Quality Matters

The size of emerald cut engagement rings is very important. Equally as important, is the quality. For emerald cut diamonds, you want to make sure that you have a stone that is extremely well cut and high in clarity.

Each diamond cutter has a different style and skill level. Emerald cut engagement rings should be cut by only the finest diamond cutters. Extreme precision needs to be applied to this cut in order for it to look its best. Only consider emerald cut engagement rings that are graded as Very Good or Excellent in cut.

The clarity describes the ease at which inclusions or blemishes inside the diamond can be identified. Emerald cut engagement rings are see-through. Because of the cutting style, you can see into the diamond, like a window. For this reason, the clarity is extremely important. When shopping emerald cut engagement rings, it is recommended that you select a diamond graded as VS2 clarity or higher.

Price Matters

Emerald cut engagement rings have a reputation for being expensive. This stereotype isn’t without reason. Emerald cut engagement rings do tend to be costly because of the size and quality factors that go into making a purchase.

The truth is, though, emerald cut engagement rings cost about 20% less than their round brilliant cut counterparts. Of course, you must compare a diamond of the same size and quality for this to be true.

Cheaper And Better?

The reason emerald cut engagement rings cost so much less is that they aren’t in as high of demand as round diamonds. Another reason is that much less of the diamond rough is wasted when it is fashioned into an emerald cut compared to a round brilliant cut.

Emerald cut engagement rings aren’t for everyone. They are for the couple who appreciates quality and simple elegance. Emerald cut engagement rings have a subtle sophistication that is sure to be noticed.

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