Diamond Engagement Rings – You Are Out

Things don’t always end happily ever after. The big question is: What is the etiquette on diamond engagement rings? Do you give it back, keep it? There are no rules in love, and when it comes to the fate of diamond engagement rings after a break-up, each situation is unique.

A Cheater Never Wins

One of the biggest reasons why couples don’t make it down the aisle is infidelity. If relationships break up over an affair, do the cheaters lose and forfeit rights to their diamond engagement rings?

If he’s the one who cheated, most people would tell the girl to keep the ring and don’t look back. At least you get a pretty ring out of it they’ll say. However, diamond engagement rings mean so much, it’s not like you can wear it as a fashion ring.

True, you can have it reset as a pendant or in a different setting, but whenever you look at the ring, you’ll think of the break up.

The quandary is the same if she does the cheating. If she gives the ring back, the guy can’t regift it to the next love of his life. He can’t wear it. Even if he has it reset, he knows the ring was intended for someone else.

It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Of course, not all relationships end with heartbreak. There are times when it just wasn’t meant to be. Diamond engagement rings in these circumstances aren’t tainted with such bad memories. It is right for the woman to offer to give the ring back. Then the groom can decide if he wants it or not.

Resetting the diamond or re-gifting it in this circumstance is less of an issue. Diamond engagement rings from a relationship that ended peacefully don’t carry the same cloud of doom.

A Family Heirloom

Diamond engagement rings that have been passed down through families should always be returned to the owner – no matter the circumstances. It is not right for someone to covet a ring that belongs in a family.

These diamond engagement rings hold more meaning that the couple’s relationship at the moment. They contain the history of each relationship they’ve been a part of and that history deserves to continue through future generations of that family.

Return Policy

Diamond engagement rings don’t usually come with an extended money back guarantee in case the relationship falls apart. A reputable jeweler will usually offer a 30 day return policy on diamond engagement rings as long as they are in their original condition. Note, this means unworn. No matter how “little” she wore it, they’ll be able to tell if the ring went on a test drive.

So what do you do? Hundreds of poor romantic hopefuls get stuck with diamond engagement rings every year. If you take a look on ebay or craigslist, you’ll find plenty of diamond engagement rings for resale. Some are dirt cheap, some are asking close to the retail price.

If you’ve got a high quality, certified diamond, you’ll probably do well in your resale effort. Diamond engagement rings that are low quality, bought on sale, or those that came from a discount retailer will render little return on investment.

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