Diamond Engagement Rings – Top 5 Reasons To Hate Them!

People either love diamond engagement rings or they hate them. Those who hate them have a list of common complaints ranging from the excessive price tags to environmental woes. But can they be right?

Reason #1: “They Are Too Expensive!”

Most people think diamond engagement rings are expensive or excessive. Let’s first start off by saying that it’s all relative. The cost of the ring or the budget the couple sets should be wholly dependent on their circumstances. It is true, what may be expensive for one is affordable to another.

But the larger argument is that instead of spending money on “meaningless” diamond engagement rings, couple’s should spend on social welfare, the environment, or anything other than metal and rock.

Just because a couple has chosen to shop diamond engagement rings doesn’t mean they have to overspend, regardless of their budget. An engagement ring is the ring you propose with – whether it’s 10-carats or 1/10 of a carat.

Reason #2: “They Were Invented By Jewelers!”

Diamond engagement rings have been around for centuries. Contrary to naysayers favorite argument, they were not invented by Tiffany & Co or any other jeweler.

Rings have been exchanged between people for all sorts of reasons. One of the primary reasons was for a contract.

Marriage was a contract between two people. As marriage evolved from a legal arrangement to a relationship of love and commitment, the sentiment associated with diamond engagement rings changed as well.

Reason #3: “They’re Funding Terrorism!”

Diamond engagement rings have been wrapped up in controversy in recent years over claims that they are tied to terrorist activities, genocide, and other heinous crimes. The diamond industry has struck back against this by putting the Kimberly process in place.

The Kimberly process certifies the origins of rough diamonds to ensure they are conflict free. Diamond rough must be transported across international borders in a tamper-proof container with a government validated Kimberly Process certificate.

The number of diamond engagement rings that could be linked to terrorist activities prior to the process was relatively small. The Kimberly Process allows jewelers and manufacturers to confidently reject the notion that any diamond engagement rings they sell can be connected to terrorism.

Reason #4: “Diamond Engagement Rings Are Soooo Tacky!”

People love to claim that diamond engagement rings are tacky, boastful, and of course that “they would never buy or own one”. Unfortunately, in most cases, these people are jealous. Either they feel they can’t afford a diamond or are in a relationship where one isn’t forthcoming.

Diamond engagement rings aren’t tacky. It’s all a matter of personal opinion. There are thousands of styles of diamond engagement rings to fit each person’s unique personality.

Today, with advanced technology like CAD/CAM, creating one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings is easier than ever.

Reason #5: “Engagement Rings Are Downright Sexist!”

Another popular argument is that diamond engagement rings should be banished in a world where we value equality between men and women. The belief among engagement ring haters is that the man shouldn’t have to buy the woman a ring.

Truth be told, he doesn’t. She can buy a ring for him. There are plenty of diamond engagement rings that are designed for women to give the men of their lives.

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