Diamond Engagement Rings – Go Ahead! Make My Day!

For most people, diamond engagement rings are an important step in a relationship – a symbol of commitment and love.

Why there is such power on diamond engagement rings and how to harness it to make the most incredible day of your girlfriend’s life!

Origins Of Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings have evolved from being a contract to being a profession of love. In ancient Rome and Greece, most marriages were a contract between families. Rings were exchanged as a token of the contract for betrothal.

In Victorian times, diamond engagement rings meant more than just an agreement. They were a pact between lovers. A man had the opportunity to choose his wife on the basis of love and thus gave her a ring to ask her hand in marriage and show the world that she was his.

Dreaming Of The Big Day

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important events in her life. Place that beside birthing a child and getting engaged. An engagement is such a meaningful event. One she will always remember.

Diamond engagement rings are tied to these events because they are a symbol of eternity. Most rings are in the shape of a circle which is an ancient symbol of infinity. Moreover, diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth, said to last forever.

Make It Special

When shopping diamond engagement rings, it is important to think about what she wants so that you can pick the perfect ring and make the day you propose one to remember.

Diamond engagement rings come in all styles and designs. Most bride-to-be hopefuls are good at dropping hints to let their beau know what they like. If your gal hasn’t been forthcoming, ask her friends, sister, or mother for ideas. They’re guaranteed to have an opinion and know her tastes.

A local jeweler can advise you on the latest trends in diamond engagement rings and help you pick a ring to match her personality and lifestyle. If you’re still stumped, consider a diamond solitaire. This allows you to invest in the diamond and she can pick out a mounting later that suits her style.

Shop Smart

Before you go shopping for diamond engagement rings, do your homework. Take a look at your finances and set a firm budget. Don’t overspend on the ring – neither of you will be happy in the long run.

You can get ideas about the prices of diamond engagement rings by doing some research ahead of time. Ask friends what they spent on their rings, check on the internet, looking at sites which has a huge selection of loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

Round diamonds are the most popular, but there are other diamond engagement rings that are more affordable. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, you might be better off with looking at pear or marquise shaped diamonds.

Silver Or Gold?

While there are diamond engagement rings available in sterling silver, this metal is not well suited to secure a diamond for daily wear. Instead, go for the gold: white, yellow, or rose. Or, consider platinum or palladium. These are super durable white metals that will stand the test of time.

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