Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – The Tuft Choice

If it’s uniqueness you’re after, cushion cut engagement rings, might just be the answer. Okay, so right now what is going through your head is, “What the heck is a cushion cut engagement ring?” Well the short answer is a ring with a diamond cut in the shape of an overstuffed cushion, but there is a lot more to know and appreciate.

To Know Me Is To Love Me!

The history of the cushion cut diamond dates all the way back to the 18th century when diamonds were cut by candlelight. In fact cushion cut engagement rings are often called the romance cut or candlelight rings; because they were cut to sparkle in the lowest of light such as the light candles produce. They are considered to be one of the most romantic and unique engagement rings you can buy, and you can imagine the effect of a proposal by candlelight, when these diamond engagement rings have their prettiest luster.

I Want To Make A Difference

The main difference in cushion cut engagement rings and engagement ring styles of today is that cushion cut engagement rings have a somewhat simpler and less complex cut on the diamond. Where diamonds today have very intricate facets cuts to produce the most sparkle in bright lights, the cushion cut is the opposite.

The cushion cut diamond is actually a derivative of the mine cut and the oval cut of today. It is usually a square diamond with rounded edges, a cushion shaped top and has only 64 substantial, open facets, letting you see more of the interior of the diamond. Because you can see more of the interior, clarity is more important than carats when selecting cushion cut engagement rings.

Ready, Get Set…

When you begin your search for cushion cut engagement rings, one thing to keep in mind is the set. Usually less is better. A four prong solitaire setting compliments cushion cut engagement rings more than any other, letting the beauty of the cut shine through. More prongs and sometimes more elaborate engagement ring settings take away from the simple splendor of the stone.

However, keep in mind, especially when you are looking into vintage rings, there were craftsmen who could find a way make the most absolutely stunning settings that complimented the stone in the most unique way. Cushion cut engagement rings can be found in a variety of settings many with unusual style and grace. Just search until you find a setting that thrills.

 Cushion Your Landing

When shopping for cushion cut engagement rings there are a few things to watch out for. Number one, as we touched on briefly above, would be the clarity of the diamond. With fewer cuts on the stone, flaws in the stone will show up much easier than say a diamond solitaire of today with its multitude of facets.

Secondly, the cushion cut diamond uses a cutlet to give the diamond more depth. Diamond cutters, who overused the cutlet, sometimes ended up taking away from the beauty of the stone. These are few, but still something to watch out for.

Out With The New, In With The Old?

You can buy new rings with cushion cuts engagement rings today. In fact, due to the popularity of vintage engagement rings, companies have begun to revive this cut somewhat, and modify it to have the brilliance of today’s diamonds.

So should you go new, or old? Well, one’s taste would enter in to this, but vintage cushion cut engagement rings are usually more abundant, better quality and possess more craftsmanship. The best way to decide is to look at both and see which one appeals to your taste. Only you can decide which one gives you that feeling of “perfect” for the bride to be.

Where To Find A Soft Landing

So, where do you look for cushion cut engagement rings? Before the introduction of the internet, finding cushion cut engagement rings was a daunting task. Nowadays, with online shopping it is easy to find jewelers, jewelry stores, antique stores, vintage jewelry stores, estate sales and pawn shops that sell all kinds of antique engagement rings. Anywhere you can find vintage or antique jewelry will usually have some cushion cut engagement rings, or can tell you where to find them.

Caution For Cushions

When purchasing a cushion cut engagement ring, it is just like making an investment. You will want to find a reputable dealer with which to do business.

Although pawn shops, junk stores and antique stores are great places to find bargains, these people rarely have the expertise to know the true value of what they are selling when it comes to cushion cut engagement rings.

Does that mean you ignore these bargain outlets? No, it just means use caution and either arrange to take someone with you to evaluate what you have found or work out an arrangement that allows you to take the cushion cut engagement ring to a jeweler you trust for evaluation.

Online shopping is a great way to find cheap engagement rings, but one has to be very cautious about purchasing without really seeing. Most online shops have ways to guarantee your purchase or make some type of arrangement for you to see the product. Many online stores have physical locations as well, that you can visit to make your actual purchase.

As with any purchase of this sort, cushion cut engagement rings are no different. Read as much as you can and become as knowledgeable as possible on the quality, clarity and authenticity you are looking for, before you purchase. Get an expert opinion if possible before you buy.

Cushions Cut Engagement Rings: What Is The Veredict?

Cushion cut engagement rings can be an excellent choice for the loving couple who wants to commemorate their engagement with a uniqueness all their own. Their exclusivity, extraordinary style and beauty in low light settings are all attractive features that appeal to the romantic in us all. Cushion cut engagement rings are a wonderful option when considering vintage engagement rings and just might be your diamond in the tuft!