Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – The Famous Fancy Cut

Cushion cut engagement rings are prized by royals and celebrities. Some of history’s most famous diamonds were cut as cushion cuts including the infamous Hope Diamond.

Troubled Diamonds

Cushion cut engagement rings are exchanged to represent one of the happiest moments in a couples lives. Not all diamonds have such a wonderful fate, though. Some are believed to be cursed, none more famous than the Hope Diamond, a stunning, deep-blue, cushion cut diamond.

The curse of the Hope Diamond has been the topic of many books. Ultimately, much of the misfortune surrounding the owners of the beautiful diamond can be contributed to legend and bad luck.

One owner, though, Evalyn Walsh McLean, does seem to have been stricken with the so called curse. She tragically lost both her son and daughter, and her husband was committed to an insane asylum.

Thievery, Murder And Remorse

Thievery and murder are themes typically associated with cushion cut engagement rings. The Regent Diamond, at 141 carats was perhaps too large to be set on the finger, though it was set in Napoleon’s sword as well as the French crown jewels.

The diamond was found by a slave who smuggled the 410 carat uncut diamond out of the mine, hidden inside of a wound on his leg. The slave was murdered by an English sea captain who stole the stone and sold it to an Indian merchant.

The diamond exchanged hands many times, was captured during the French revolution and is today on display at the Louvre as part of the French Royal Treasury.

Royal Ring

One of the most famous cushion cut engagement rings is the “Princess Diana” ring, now worn by Princess Kate. This ring, picked out by Princess Diana herself, is set with a brilliant, cushion cut blue sapphire in the center, surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds.

When she first wore this ring, Princess Diana started a frenzy with millions of copies being made. Thirty years later, a similar phenomenon has happened, sparking a new interest in sapphire and cushion cut engagement rings.

Celebrity Style

Hollywood is full of cushion cut engagement rings. Though the marriages don’t always last, the rings leave lasting impressions, providing inspiration for jewelry designers around the world.

Nicollette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives wears a stunning $22,000 dollar cushion cut engagement ring. Her design is simple and modern with an enormous cushion cut center stone flanked by a diamond baguette on each side.

Country music sensation Leann Rimes received a 5-carat vintage inspired engagement ring from now husband Dean Sheremet. And Ben Affleck popped the question to Jennifer Garner with a 4.5-carat Harry Winston cushion cut ring.

Pretty In Pink

Celebrity Nicole Richie has received not one but two engagement rings. The first ring, from DJ AM was a stunning cushion cut pink sapphire in a pavé setting. The engagement only lasted 10 months, but the design has inspired hundreds of copy-cat cushion cut engagement rings.

One of the most famous pink diamond engagement rings was from a celebrity mentioned above, Ben Affleck, when he was part of the infamous “bennifer” with pop star Jennifer Lopez. The ring is still one of the most expensive and highly copied celebrity designs.

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