Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Should You Reset It?

Cushion cut engagement rings can often be found in antique stores or family estates. If you’re lucky enough to come across one, you may be faced with a tough decision. Do you leave it in the setting it’s in, or do you reset it?

Sentimental Value

Some vintage cushion cut engagement rings can be very old and have a long and beautiful history. There is no competing with sentimental value. Beyond all reason, people will invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars into restoring their antique treasures for the sheer fact that the setting is sentimental.

If you aren’t sentimentally attached to the setting, there can be some strong arguments for resetting cushion cut engagement rings. The biggest reasons are durability, style, and value.

Til Death Do Us Part

If you’re in it for the long haul, you better make sure your ring is too. Antique cushion cut engagement rings require careful inspection to determine whether or not they are suitable for long term daily wear.

Common places for cushion cut engagement rings to show signs of wear are the prongs and the back of the shank. Obviously, the prongs serve an important purpose. If the prongs on your ring are worn, you can have them rebuilt or replaced. The shank is the part of the ring that slips over the finger. This takes wear usually from being worn against a wedding band. This part can also be rebuilt or replaced by a skilled jeweler.

Keeping In Style

Styles change, taste in fashion isn’t always the same between generations. It couldn’t be truer for cushion cut engagement rings. Cushion cut diamonds have been popular throughout the various periods of jewelry from Victorian to Art Deco to Retro. It’s possible that the style of setting isn’t what you hoped for.

Cushion cut engagement rings can easily be reset. Most modern engagement ring settings are well suited for the vintage charm of the cushion cut diamond. If you aren’t sentimentally attached to the old setting, most jewelers will take it in on trade towards your new setting. With gold prices high, the time is right to trade in on an old setting you don’t like.

If you are attached to the old setting or it was a family heirloom, consider setting a colored gemstone in place of the diamond. A birthstone either of the bride or groom is an excellent choice and a great way to repurpose an empty setting.

Losing Or Gaining Value

When considering their options, most couples worry about losing the value in their cushion cut engagement rings. Here’s the scoop. Unless your ring is signed by a well-known jewelry designer like Tiffany & Company or Cartier, you’re probably not going to lose any value.

The value of cushion cut engagement rings is in the diamond, rarely is it in the mounting. Resetting the diamond is a smart idea if you have a ring that has durability issues or is outdated.

To be sure, have your ring appraised by an independent jewelry appraiser. And be sure to ask their opinion. An independent appraiser will give you fair and unbiased advice to help you make the best decision.

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