Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Look Out!

It seems today cushion cut engagement rings are everywhere. Made popular by several Hollywood couples and in a time when vintage style is in high demand, finding a cushion cut diamond isn’t difficult, but knowing what to look for can be more of a challenge.

Shopping Spree

Cushion cut engagement rings can be found online and in stores, it just depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a great deal, try shopping online. You’ll find a vast selection and be able to easily compare prices between retailers.

If quality and expert advice are what you’re looking for, seek out a local, independent jeweler. Get recommendations from friends and family.

A local jeweler may not have the biggest selection of cushion cut engagement rings, but they can usually special order or custom make anything you have in mind.

Grandmother’s Jewel Box

Another great place to look for cushion cut engagement rings is in the family jewelry box. Chances are your great grandmother wore a cushion cut, or something pretty close. Cushion cut diamonds from the 17th and 18th century are often called Old Mine cut diamonds. These antique cuts are more primitive in style but can be set in a modern ring for a unique look.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a family heirloom, check out antique stores and pawn shops. Here you’ll find someone else’s grandmother’s ring on display, often for a bargain price.

The 4 C’s

As with any diamond, cushion cut engagement rings are graded according to the 4 C’s: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Carat is the easiest of the four, it refers to the weight of the diamond. Color, clarity and cut are more subjective and can be difficult for the untrained eye to judge.

In some diamonds, color and clarity are extremely important. In cushion cut engagement rings, however, you can get by with a lower grade because the unique brilliance can hide minor flaws. The brilliant facets on the underside and top of the cushion cut diamond act as mirrors, reflecting light around the stone, making it very difficult to spot small inclusions or distinguish subtle yellow or brown hues.

Cut is the most important factor for cushion cut engagement rings. A well cut diamond is extremely important since it determines the light yield. A diamond that doesn’t sparkle is virtually worthless.

Don’t Get Overcharged

Shopping for cushion cut engagement rings can be overwhelming. It is important to do your homework before shopping. Online research can be extremely useful in helping you set a budget and to get an idea of what size and quality fits in your range.

Carat weight might seem straight forward, but in cushion cut engagement rings, weight can be hidden without contributing to the beauty. The way a cushion cut diamond is faceted, can leave extra weight in the pavilion or bottom of the diamond. That extra weight turns into extra cost, without extra benefits. Avoid this by looking at the diamond in profile. If the bottom of the stone bulges or bows out, it should raise a red flag that the diamond is poorly cut and may be overpriced.

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