Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Is It Only For Vintage Style Rings?

Don’t be surprised if most of the cushion cut engagement rings you come across are set in a vintage or antique style. Just because this is the most popular type of setting, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to go.

There are a number of unique and modern designs for cushion cut engagement rings. All you have to do is look!

Solitaire Style

Vintage style isn’t the only design for cushion cut engagement rings. A great alternative is a solitaire, which is set with a single cushion cut diamond. A solitaire ring can look sleek and modern, traditional, floral inspired, or vintage depending on the design.

For a modern look, pick a solitaire mounting that has high polished metal and smooth lines. A bezel setting or partial bezel can complete the look, forming a perimeter of metal around the diamond. Traditional solitaire cushion cut engagement rings are a metal band, usually 2 – 4mm wide with a four prong setting to secure the diamond.

Floral Inspired

Cushion cut engagement rings work really well with floral motifs. A floral inspired solitaire will have a fancy setting, either a tulip or scroll design. Newer floral inspired cushion cut engagement rings have rose gold accents which enunciate the floral motif.

Another way to incorporate a floral design into a cushion cut ring is with a fancy mounting that has a swirling or leaf like pattern. These designs can be set with or without diamonds. Again, incorporating multiple colors of gold can set off the design, drawing attention to fine details.

Be Colorful

Cushion cut engagement rings aren’t just for diamonds. Many colored gemstones look fantastic when faceted as a cushion cut. Sapphires and rubies in particular make great center stones for an engagement ring.

Princess Kate wears the famous “Princess Diana” ring which is a cushion cut blue sapphire surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds.

Tanzanite is a beautiful violet-blue gemstone that looks amazing as a cushion cut. This gem is a unique choice for an engagement ring, although caution should be exercised as tanzanite is not nearly as hard as diamonds or sapphires.

Cushion cut engagement rings also incorporate colored gemstones by placing them on the sides of a center diamond. The three stone design is ideal for this arrangement, nestling a brilliant diamond between two striking gemstones for phenomenal beauty and contrast.


Ultra-modern cushion cut engagement rings can be somewhat difficult to find. For the best bet, plan on designing your own ring. One way you can accomplish a sleek and modern look is to set the cushion cut stone sideways if it is rectangular or on an axis if it is square. This re-imagining of the traditional orientation of setting a diamond creates a modern feel.

Another way to capture a modern feel in cushion cut engagement rings is to use alternative metals such as palladium, titanium, or tungsten. These metals have a darker, gray color, giving them an industrial feel. The juxtaposition of a vintage looking diamond in a modern mounting makes for a one-of-a-kind ring.

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