Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings Vs. Diamond Engagement Rings

Cubic zirconia engagement rings are no match for the real deal, but there are considerable advantages to buying cubic zirconia especially if you don’t have the money to invest in a diamond right now.

Plenty Of Bling

Cubic zirconia engagement rings rival diamonds for sparkle and shine. The trouble is, cubic zirconia is considerably softer than a diamond so when worn every day, you can expect the brilliance to diminish. There are ways, though, to be sure that the sparkle in your CZ lasts a few years.

If you have a hands on job, especially if your ring will get knocked around or scratched, take your ring off. Not wearing an engagement ring at work isn’t a sign of infidelity or lack of commitment, its smart thinking. The number one way that rings are damaged is at work. Especially women who do a lot of filing or work outdoors, taking off your ring is a smart decision. For cubic zirconia engagement rings, this extra step can add years of life of the CZ.

Protective Mounting

Cubic zirconia engagement rings have the most longevity if the CZ is set in a protective mounting. Delicate settings and tall mountings may be popular, but they aren’t practical for a CZ. Setting a CZ high off the finger makes it vulnerable to bumps and scratches.

Instead, choose something like a bezel setting. This will protect the entire perimeter of the CZ, keeping the edges free of chips and dings. Likewise, make sure that any accent stones are set in a similar fashion. Either in bezel settings or channel settings which will provide plenty of protection.

Keep It Clean

Cubic zirconia engagement rings, like any ring, need to be kept clean to stay sparkling. Dirt, oils, and other debris are attracted to the smooth surface of CZ and other gemstones and can become easily trapped beneath the stone, detracting from the shimmer of the gem.

The best way to clean cubic zirconia engagement rings is using a mild soapy water solution and an old tooth brush. The tooth brush can help you scrub behind the stone, allowing light to travel through the stone and reflect off the facets on the bottom of the stone. Avoid abrasive cleaners, especially toothpaste, as well as harsh chemicals like bleach which can attack the metal.

When The Sparkle Is Gone

The sparkle of cubic zirconia engagement rings is fabulous but short lived. Once your CZ has lost its shine there are a few things you can do. While it is possible to have the stone repolished, this is often not practical financially because the stone can be replaced inexpensively. A replacement one-carat cubic zirconia can cost as little as $35 plus the labor to reset it. Another option, of course, is to replace the ring with a diamond engagement ring.

Cubic zirconia engagement rings often have a bad name for being a cheap man’s engagement ring. The truth is, it is very difficult for someone to distinguish between CZ and diamond. For couples who don’t have the big bank account for diamonds, CZ is an excellent and affordable alternative. With the right care, the ring will sparkle long after you’ve said “I do.”

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