Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings – The Missing Manual

Wouldn’t it be nice if cubic zirconia engagement rings came with instructions that told you how to make the sparkle last a long time?

Jewelers don’t have such a thing because, of course, they want you to come back and buy a new ring in nine or ten months. Here is the guide that jewelers don’t want you to know about to keep your CZ sparkling long after you’ve said “I do. “

Be Smart From The Start

Cubic zirconia engagement rings are much softer than diamonds, and far more likely to scratch or chip. That means that settings that are great for diamonds aren’t always a wise choice for cubic zirconia. Making a good decision when you buy your ring is the first step to ensuring the longevity of your bling.

An ideal setting for cubic zirconia engagement rings is a bezel setting. With this type of setting, you have 360-degree protection around the delicate edges of the gemstone, which are most likely to break or chip. For side stones, the channel setting is a great choice because the stones are set flush with the metal, protecting them from damage.

Rub A Dub Dub

Wonder why cubic zirconia engagement rings sparkle so much in the store but once you’ve worn it a few days, its lost its shine? The main reason is that jewelry in stores is spotless. Shopkeepers spend hours each week cleaning jewelry to keep it dazzling. You can have the same effect if you also clean your engagement ring regularly.

The best way to clean cubic zirconia engagement rings is with mild soapy water and a soft tooth brush. The tooth brush will help scrub dirt, oils and other debris from behind the gem. It is also a good idea to take your ring off when applying lotion, perfume, or other cosmetics. Lotion and perfume in particular will form a film on the stone, diminishing its sparkle.

Hands-Off Treatment

Cubic zirconia engagement rings aren’t meant to stand up to daily wear and tear, especially if you have a hands-on job. Your co-workers may raise an eyebrow if you aren’t sporting your rock, but let them talk, you’re just being smart. If you want your ring to last, be sensible about when and where you wear it.

The number one way cubic zirconia engagement rings are damaged is at work. Women who have jobs that require them to move heavy objects, put their hands in and out of drawers or be otherwise active with their hands should not wear their rings if they want the sparkle to last.

Don’t Sport It When You’re Sportin’ It

Cubic zirconia engagement rings should not be worn at the gym, swimming pool, or sporting events where the wearer is a participant. This kind of physical activity leads to scratches, chips and breaks that often go unnoticed until the adrenaline has worn off.

Always be sure when you’ve removed your ring for sports or for work to put it in a safe place. Invest in a wallet sized travel jewelry case or use the original ring box to safely tuck your ring in a purse or bag so it will be safe and sound when you’re ready to bring it back out.

Once The Sparkle Is Gone

The sparkle of cubic zirconia engagement rings won’t last forever. While proper care and maintenance can add years to the life of your ring, the time will come when the sparkle is gone. The good news is that replacing a CZ is not going to break the bank.

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