Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings – How To Make It Believable?

To the untrained eye, cubic zirconia engagement rings can look just like the real thing. That is, if you’re smart about the design and style you choose. A sure way to tip someone off that you went for a CZ is to get a ring that is too big and looks flashy. However, if you’re conservative in your approach, no one will know the difference.

If It Looks Like A Diamond

Cubic zirconia engagement rings are extremely popular because they are affordable and they look just like diamond engagement rings. A CZ is perhaps the most realistic diamond simulant on the market. Today, there are even diamond coated CZs, like the Asha diamond, that look even more like a real diamond.

Size Matters

Since they do look so much like a diamond, cubic zirconia engagement rings have the most credibility if they are similar in size to the average diamond ring. According to a recent poll by the Knot, the average center stone is one carat in size. Stick close to this size if you want people to believe it’s real.

A sure way to tip someone off that you got her a “fake diamond” is to get a whopping 5 carat CZ. Unless you drive a fancy car, have a private jet, or a rich Aunt who just passed away, no one will believe it’s a diamond.

Setting The Scene

Another way to make cubic zirconia engagement rings more believable is to choose the right kind of setting. Now, you don’t have to spring for platinum, but cubic zirconia engagement rings are much more realistic if they’re set in white gold than sterling silver. Overtime, sterling silver tarnishes and looks dull. Unless you want to spend time each day cleaning and polishing the silver setting, go for the gold.

When shopping for cubic zirconia engagement rings, make sure you also pay attention to how the diamond is set. Diamonds are often set in prong settings. You can give the impression that your CZ is the real deal by choosing a similar type of setting. Make sure you go with four or six prongs, though, just like you would if it were a diamond.

Choosing a quality setting is the most important thing. Some cubic zirconia settings try to cut corners by gluing stones in place. Make sure yours are secured by metal so they’ll stay put and you don’t have to constantly keep visiting the jeweler for repairs.

Keep It Clean

Cubic zirconia engagement rings tend to get much dirtier than diamond rings. Because of the physical properties, CZs tend to look duller faster, collect more dirt and oils, and also scratch easier. You can pass your CZ off as the real deal longer if you spend time to keep it clean.

Cubic zirconia engagement rings are best cared for using an old soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. When possible, take your ring off before applying lotions which will create a film on the stone, making it dull.

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